2016 – An airborne review by Bristol Groundschool student Richard Gale

As 2016 ends, I thought I’d share a few moments from the year relating to all things aviation, in no particular relevant order!

In the cruise on way to Hurghada ,Egypt, for a post exam holiday, on-board a Thomson Boeing 737-800

Looking smug after first Aeros flight in the Harvard

Looking smug after my first Aeros experience in the Harvard 

DC3 appearing at the Goodwood Revival 

The Needles, IOW pictured during an engine run-in flight in a Cessna 172
Prior to boarding to Vancouver on Air Transat Airbus A330-300, surprise holiday from my girlfriend! 

In the cruise overhead Greenland, Gatwick to Vancouver 
Downtown Vancouver Seaplane terminal 
Prior to boarding a DHC-2 Beaver seaplane for a short flight around Vancouver, really exciting! 
A few shots of the DHC-2 cockpit display 
Head in the charts…ATPL study in progress, Flight Planning and Monitoring to be precise! 

A frosty start to the day at the flying school, two Cessna 172s at rest before a busy day 

In the climb out from Goodwood, Chichester in view. On-board a PA38 
Myself looking super smug again after soloing the Piper Super Cub for the first time during my tailwheel conversion in August.