A busy few months of Hour Building for former Bristol Groundschool student

Reflections from a Summer of flying

Another late post, sorry! Since the last post, the past 3 months have been extremely busy at work thanks to the scorcher of a Summer. I’ve managed to rack up more hour building and I also got married to my beautiful wife! This post is another short one in the way of words, instead more pictures to illustrate a Summer aloft. Enjoy!

No flying on this day!

The forecast was correct!

A quick trip to Sandown, Isle of Wight on a lunch break

A morning of flying circuits after the low cloud stopped a planned Nav flight to Rochester, Kent

Another trip to Sandown thanks to the free landing vouchers in Flyer Magazine! The view from the tower.

A hazy morning perfect for a local flight to practice PFLs (Practice Forced Landings).