The Wings Alliance

The Wings Alliance offers you the opportunity to complete your EASA training through an alliance of ‘approved’, high quality, Flight Training Schools; creating a credible, cost-effective and supported route towards your career as a commercial airline pilot.


Training with the Wings Alliance

The purpose of the Wings Alliance is to offer you all the advantages of the modular route, including:

  • Less expensive than integrated training
  • Flexibility – to plan around your other commitments
  • Spread the cost – you choose when you train
  • A wide choice of high quality schools
  • The ability to continue working for the majority of your training.

In addition to the above, incorporating the benefits that previously only integrated schools could offer:

  • Employment opportunities
  • A complete training record.

The Wings Alliance is a not-for-profit organisation whose members from across Europe, have been selected based on their reputation and results.

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