ATPdigital 8 – Troubleshooting (Windows PC)

Is your ATPdigital up to date?

Checking your software version

ATPdigital 8 was released at the start of May. Since then we have been releasing a large number of updates to fix bugs reported by students since launch.

Ensuring you are on the latest version of ATPdigital will make sure you have received all of these patches and will get the best performance out of your app.

As of 17/09/2021 the latest software version is currently:

To check what version of ATPdigital you have currently updated to click on the cog in the bottom left of the login page:

You’ll find your software version number next to “Application” on the first page which opens (Versions):

If you are not on the latest version, then the most reliable way to make sure you get the latest edition is to re-download ATPdigital from our downloads page HERE

Installing from the latest installer will automatically install the latest software version including all the patches.

Installing ATPdigital

Source file not found

If you get this error message when running the ATPdigital installer, it implies that you have not uncompressed the installation files before installing.

ATPdigital comes in a .zip file which compresses all the installation files to make them quicker to download.

The easiest way to uncompress the files is to drag and drop the .msi and the .cab file from inside the .zip folder into another folder (such as your desktop). You can then run the installer from whichever folder you have extracted the files to.

I can’t activate the installation with my Licence Key and Account number

You have typed in the Licence Key incorrectly. Copy and Paste it from your registration email (using Ctrl +C > Ctrl +V) to avoid any incorrect characters.


You have used up all the activations on your account. Email


If after clicking ACTIVATE the icon spins endlessly, this means that ATPdigital cannot contact the server to activate your installation. Ensure you are connected to the internet and that ATPdigital has been added as an exception on your firewall.

There is a problem with this Windows Installer package

The most common cause of this error is leftover files from a previous installation of ATPdigital. You need to ensure you restart your PC when uninstalling ATPdigital if you see this message as part of the uninstallation process:

To fix this problem you simply need to delete the leftover folders in your Program Files (x86) folder. You can find these by going to:

This PC > Local Disk (C:) > Program Files (x86). 

Once you’ve deleted any leftover files, reboot your PC and run the installer again.

Signing in

Authentication failed

This error indicates that your email address and password have not been recognised.

Double-check the spelling of your email and consider using the “Forgotten Password” link to reset your password.

If you still can’t sign in after resetting your password, email

Install not found

You cannot have two installations of ATPdigital on the same machine. If you are seeing this error message, it implies that you still have a copy of ATPdigital 6 installed on your PC.

To fix this problem you will need to uninstall both ATPdigital 6 & ATPdigital 8 before reinstalling ATPdigital 8.

You can uninstall an application by searching for “program” in the Windows/Start search in the bottom left of your screen and selecting “Add or remove programs” from the results.

If you still can’t sign in after reinstalling, email

Missing content

My lessons are showing as “Not yet available”

Lessons showing as “Not yet available” are lessons which are assigned to our account, but you have not yet chosen to download.

You can download all available lessons by clicking on the Updates Available button in the bottom left of the dashboard page.

Syncing your progress

Lessons/Tests completed are not showing on my other devices or on my instructor’s system

You can run a Full-Sync from the Maintenance menu which will re-upload all of your test results. This should make any lessons/tests which are showing as completed in your ATPdigital show as complete on the server/your other devices.

To run a Full Sync:

– Click on the Cog in the bottom left of the login page

– Click on Profiles to the left and then Full Sync next to your name on the profiles list

Uninstalling ATPdigital

Another application has exclusive access to the file

If you get this error message whilst trying to uninstall ATPdigital:

– Click on Cancel to roll-back and cancel the uninstallation process

– Open up your Task Manager as an administrator. The easiest way to do this is to search for “task manager” in the Start/Windows menu in the bottom left of your screen and select “Run as administrator” from the results.

– Once in the Task Manager, click on the Services tab at the top of the window

– Find a the service called “ATPdigital Queue”, right-click on it and select “Stop”

– Once you’ve done this, you can restart the uninstallation process to remove the app.


Once the app has uninstalled, it’s worth checking you don’t have any leftover files:

– Start by rebooting your PC. This will remove any remaining services which are still running.

– After you’ve rebooted, check to see if you have either of these two folders:

C:\Program Files (x86)\ATPdigital

C:\ProgramData\ATPdigital ***

*** To get the “Program Data” folder to show in your C: Drive, you may need to enable “Hidden items” which can be found under View in your Explorer (pictured below)

– If either of these folders are still on your PC after you have uninstalled, they will need to be deleted in order for you to be able to correctly update/sync when you reinstall the app.

– To remove the folders, simply right-click on them and select Delete.

– Once all of the folders have been removed, you can safely reinstall (the latest version of the installer is available from here:


If you still have a problem after checking through the above guides, you can contact our IT Support team by emailing

or by calling 00 44 1275 345913