ATPdigital for MacOS 10.14

NOTE: You will need to uninstall any previous versions of ATPdigital before you can install ATPdigital 8

Installation instructions

  • Uninstall ATPdigital 6 if you currently have it on your Mac (You cannot have 2 installations of ATPdigital on the same machine). To do this, simply drag ATPdigital from your Applications folder into the Trash in the bottom right of your screen.
  • Download the installer from the link above and open it from the downloads folder in the bottom right hand corner of your screen.
  • Once the window opens, drag ATPdigital across to your Applications folder.
  • Once it’s been copied, find ATPdigital in your Applications folder and click on the icon.
  • As the app was not downloaded from the App Store, you will need to tell your system that it’s safe to open.
  • To do this, press OK to close the pop up window that opens.

  • Open the Apple menu in the top left-hand corner of your screen and click on System Preferences.

  • Once the System Preferences window opens, click on Security and Privacy.

  • You should see a message at the bottom of the General tab telling you that ATPdigital was blocked.

  • Click on “Open Anyway”.
  • You’ll then be asked for your Mac password to confirm your choice.
  • Your choice will then be saved and the app will then open.
  • At this point any outstanding software updates will be downloaded.
  • You’ll then be asked to enter your Account Number and Licence Key to activate your installation. These will have been sent to you in an email when you purchased the course. We recommend copying and pasting in the licence key to avoid any conflicts between O’s and 0’s or between other similar characters. (You get two activations with your account, which can be used to install ATPdigital on either PC or Mac. If you run out of installations, just email and we can add more installations onto your account for you.)
  • Once you’ve activated, you can now sign into your account by entering your email address and the password you would have been emailed along with your Licence Key and Account Number.
  • The app will then download your profile before downloading the lessons in your first module – There’s a lot of content in these lessons, so please be patient while this downloads.
  • Once the first module has been downloaded you can choose to either download all of the remaining lessons in your course or continue on to the Dashboard, so you can start studying the lessons in the first module.
  • If you choose not to grab the remaining lessons straight away, you can download them at any time by clicking the Updates Available button in the bottom left of the Dashboard page.

If you have any questions, you can contact me by emailing

Uninstalling ATPdigital

Before uninstalling, we recommend that you check that all of your progress through the course has been saved to your account. If send an email to we can email you a copy of your records to check through and make sure all your completed lessons/tests have been saved.

Some of the components of ATPdigital sit outside of the Applications folder, so you cannot uninstall it by simply dragging ATPdigital from your Applications folder into the Trash.

To make this process easy, we have created an app to safely uninstall ATPdigital which you can download from HERE

Simply download, install and then run the app. It will remove ATPdigital and then prompt you to restart, so that it can remove the remaining services. Once you have rebooted, you can drag the uninstaller into the Trash.

How to use ATPdigital

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is there a difference between the % of questions I get correct and my exam score?

In the official EASA examinations questions are allocated marks, answers to some questions are worth more than others. This means that it is possible to answer more than 75% of the number of questions correctly but still fail the exam, as your score is below 75%. We follow the same rules, so very often the % of questions answered correctly and the score % are different figures.

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