Accelerator Days

With our 3 module ATPL (A) and ATPL (H)/IR courses we offer accelerator days as a free addition to the approved full course*.

The accelerator days are there to supplement the revision courses and to enhance your understanding through the modules. The accelerator days provide face to face instruction, concentrating on the more difficult subject areas.

We suggest that the accelerator days should be taken roughly halfway through each module, especially as some of the material will be repeated in the Revision courses. We recommend students take the opportunity to attend the days to build confidence in a particular subject, and to clear up any areas that you just don’t understand.

Each student who has purchased the FULL course is entitled to two free days for each module purchased; however, we recognise that different students want help with different subjects so you can pick and mix the Accelerators to suit your needs, and if you require additional days you are able to purchase them if you desire.

*(Full course costs £2,450 excluding shipping, each module can be purchased separately).

Module 1
Instrumentation 1 day
General Navigation 2 days
Meteorology 1 day
Module 2
Radio Navigation 1 day
Airframe and Systems, Electrics, Power Plant and Emergency Equipment. 1 day
Flight Planning 1 day
Module 3
Principles of Flight 1 day
Performance and Mass and Balance 1 day

You can book your place through our online booking system

Accelerator days are open to everyone

You don’t have to be a BGS student to attend an accelerator day. All you need to do is book a place on the accelerator day you wish to attend, the cost is £138 per day. Please telephone the office to make payment. When we have received your payment, we will confirm your place on the course. Requests received that require payment will be declined.