ATPL(A) to ATPL(H) or ATPL(H) to ATPL(A) -conversion course

Licence conversion between fixed wing and helicopter

EASA state that an approved course is required to add an ATPL(A) to an ATPL(H) or an ATPL(H) to an ATPL(A), unless you are converting your ICAO licence or are an ex‑UK military fixed-wing pilot or a pilot retaking exams previously passed but now lapsed.

This course can also be studied if you hold a CPL (A) or CPL (H) looking to convert it to CPL (H) or CPL (A).

There are 5 subjects to be studied:

  • 021 Aircraft General Knowledge
  • 022 Instrumentation
  • 032 (fixed wing) or 034 (helicopter) Performance
  • 070 Operational Procedures
  • 080 Principles of Flight

There is no minimum training requirement specified in the regulations, but at least 10% of the tuition must be face-to-face. Our approved course is a nominal 160 hours training so you’ll need to log 16 hours (2 days) in the classroom. This could be by attending one of our Accelerator Weekends or sitting in on some of the ATPL revision week lectures, whichever you would find more useful. To afford you maximum flexibility we aim to tailor the revision element to your individual needs and so you may choose to attend the classes you feel would be most useful to you.

We normally recommend one exam sitting.  We find in practice that most pilots in this situation are able to prepare for their exams by studying the course materials and using our industry leading exam preparation tool, BGS Online.