BGS ATPL Training Software – ATPdigital

ATPdigital CBT dashboardBy using our ATPdigital software, you can make your students’ learning immersive and engaging. Explanations, videos, a built-in question bank, and regular testing, guide your students from the beginning to the end of their learning.

It focuses on making training memorable, effective, and efficient by delivering instant results and providing a dashboard view of student progress.

We can create a bespoke syllabus for your school, which means you can teach ATPL subjects in any order you like. Our software works around you, your students, and your school.

Furthermore, all EASA Learning Objectives are covered in the course materials. But that’s just the beginning. We also produce our own course materials, which delve deeper into key topics.

Through this process, students can develop a deeper understanding of their subjects and prepare themselves to deal more effectively with different types of exam questions.

The progress of each section is measured by short quizzes at the end of each lesson and progress tests after each significant lesson. Our instructors regularly update our question bank and the material on ATPdigital.

Powerful learning software

–          Works online and offline across multiple Mac and Windows platforms – including iPad app

–          Quizzes and progress tests embedded in software

–          Mock exams personalised for each student/class

–          Animations and images throughout to boost understanding

–          Real-life case studies

–          Lesson search facility

–          Create your own bespoke syllabus

Monitor and test student progress – anytime, anywhere

It’s good to have clear insight on how your students are progressing with their learning. Behind our training software is a comprehensive web-based admin system that allows you and your instructors to monitor each student’s progress in real time. You can also assign student or class-specific tests and mock exams – helping students to develop their knowledge in areas where they need a little extra support. These tests can be completed online within the software or printed off to complete in person. The admin system assesses the successful completion of the course by the student passing all the lesson quizzes and the progress tests.

We’re right there with you

When you start a relationship with Bristol Groundschool, you’re never alone. We believe in working together with our training partners to help them offer a comprehensive and effective learning experience for their students. Your school will be fully supported by our account manager and backed up by our world class technical and instructor team. If you need assistance, we will be there for you.


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