BGSonline – ATPL question bank

Your students also receive free access to BGSonline, the original ATPL online question bank, with over 15,000 EASA ATPL fixed-wing and helicopter-specific exam questions. It has detailed explanations and PC, Mac, iPad or smartphone access.

Key BGSonline features

  • Generate mock exams based on the same EASA algorithms
  • Create personalised practice exams
  • Filter questions by subject, topic or specific keywords
  • Progress trackers
  • Filter the question bank to only show current questions or view the entire database.
  • The ability for students to:
  • View a personalised detailed analysis page, where they can view their progress day by day or filtered by individual subjects or topics
  • Flag questions for review later and create their own custom tests consisting of questions that they have flagged.
  • Excellent support
  • Tutorial videos

This question bank has been designed to closely resemble the official EASA Central Question Bank, and is regularly updated by our instructors and enriched with feedback from thousands of CPL and ATPL students who have studies and taken their exams with us at Bristol Groundschool or one of our training partner schools.


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