Bristol Groundschool – Module 2 progress

29th September 2016

August and September were busy months mixed with flying, work, study and birthdays, so I found time to study more during the evenings. The pace of study and revision is building by the week as I work towards my revision and exam weeks at Bristol Groundschool in December, I’ve got a strange feeling two and quarter months are going to whizz by, so preparing myself now!!

I’ve just finished reading the lessons for Air Law and Radio Navigation and nearing completion of the other two subjects. Thankfully I have moved on from electricity in AGK (by no means my favourite subject!) and just finishing up on Powerplants, some of this is familiar from PPL theory (piston engines) whilst some parts not so, but interesting all the same!
In Flight Planning and Performance, I’ve recently covered VFR and IFR Navigation, which again I found very interesting but a very high degree of accuracy is certainly needed when reading the charts as I found out! I’m now covering the fuel planning topics which should near completion of this subject.
Anyway, just a short post this time, I will try to update regularly as I can when time allows!
Thanks for reading.