Bristol Groundschool training continues….

BGS Graphs and Diagrams

Just another quick update from me with regards to the ongoing Module 3 study. I’ve now completed all the required reading for VFR/IFR Comms, Mass & Balance and Operational Procedures, next up is pure revision for them!
As the title suggests, I’m confronted with more and more diagrams and graphs for subjects like Principles of Flight (POF) and Performance whether it being force diagrams or lift/drag graphs. I’m really enjoying POF, which surprised me, maybe because it’s interesting and I can relate it to my ‘physical experience’ of flying an aircraft. I have a little more to read for these two subjects then it will be onto revision as per the other subjects
I also booked my exams earlier in February with the plan to take them at the end of May. I was quite shocked at how the sittings were already being booked up, so I had to act fast! It also meant paying for them in advance so six exams at £68 wasn’t a pleasant welcome to the bank account! Anyway, at least I can rest in confidence that they are all booked, just now to revise and prepare! Time to go to town with post it notes and flash cards!!
I’ll try and update sooner next time, as always thanks for reading 🙂
Richard Gale