Student testimonials

Nil – First Officer Iberia Regional

I couldn’t recommend Bristol Groundschool enough – from the ATP digital software and the revision week, to the massive and really up-to-date question bank – bgsonline, the whole package together with the great support from the whole BGS team made it easier than I expected.”

Nil Ganduxe, Bombardier CRJ1000 First Officer for MEDOPS, Air Nostrum (Iberia Regional)

Debbie Thomas – Second Officer easyJet

Former Bristol Groundschool student, Debbie offered job at easyJet
Being a working mum, re-training to become an airline pilot was something I knew would not be easy, but after researching the modular route, I realised that it could be possible.

I found Bristol Ground School were local to me, so I went to visit them, and signed up for the ATPL course that week. The distance learning and week-long classroom courses at the end of each module fitted in very well with my other commitments. I found the iPad software and lesson format with regular tests to be a great way to absorb the information.

The Bristol Groundschool revision weeks were a great way to consolidate the information with very experienced and supportive teachers. I managed to do the course in 16 months, and went on do my CPL/MEIR shortly afterwards, and very soon after finished my training, I was offered a Second Officer position at Easyjet!. I am well into the line training at the moment and loving it.

Thank you to the BGS team for helping me through the course and making this possible!”

easyJet’s Cadet of the Year 2017 – Tom Robinson

Bristol Groundschool student announced as easyJet’s Cadet of the Year 2017

L3 hold an annual pilot graduation ceremony celebrating the achievements of hundreds of airline pilots.  Recognised at their latest award ceremony was easyJet Cadet of the Year 2017, received by Tom Robinson a former Bristol Groundschool student who trained through the modular route.

Tom said: “I successfully secured a job as a First Officer at easyJet early in 2016 and I have not looked back since. I completed my ATPL theory studies at Bristol Groundschool (BGS) which in my opinion is the industry’s best ATPL provider. I was delighted to be awarded easyJet’s Cadet of the Year 2017. 

My successes with easyJet have been in no small part down to the excellent support and quality of training material at BGS. This solid theoretical preparation contributed greatly to all of my training following my time at BGS.”


Phil Hynes

“It’s no accident that Bristol Groundschool is described as the number one distance learning aviation school. From the first day I started with them I knew I had made the right choice.”
“I have just completed my ATPL theory course with a result I would have bitten your arm off at the beginning of my studies. It is an excellently run course with high quality teaching and instructors who are all professionals and experts in their field. They are always on hand to answer any queries you have or help with concepts you are struggling to understand. The support team are always there if you need them and are efficient and friendly. I would totally recommend them.

The balance of professionalism and friendliness of the staff has created the perfect environment.

In the future I’m hoping to fly a fixed wing air ambulance or rescue aircraft.”

Roger Ganpatsingh

Everything at Bristol Groundschool screams QUALITY!
From the premises, staff, lecturers, study materials, to the digital platform and question bank, I was highly impressed with every aspect of the Bristol Groundschool operation. The key challenge of a distance learning course is having a clear road-map and measuring your own progress.

ATPdigital and the Bristol question bank were crucial in enabling me to take ownership, map out my journey and focus on areas that needed more of my attention. All this helped me complete the course in 8 months, with first time passes at an average of 90%. I have worked with a large number of commercial organisations in my professional life and I know a good business when I see one. Thank you Bristol GS.

Roger, Commercial Pilot, Flight Instructor and competing Aerobatics Instructor

Lucas Besso

“The Bristol Groundschool product is outstanding and worth every penny.

I passed all my exams in 4-months with my lowest score being 82% for Performance. This is due in part to dedication and hard work but also due to Bristol Groundschool’s great ATPdigital software training package and a committed team of instructors for every lesson; they exceeded my expectations.
Bristol’s question bank, bgsonline is a great tool to learn and identify weaknesses on topics. The explanations of the questions really help you understand the topic in a way that complements the other training material.
I’m extremely grateful to Bristol Groundschool for all the help provided to me by different members of the team their team.”

Olivier Allec

“Bristol Groundschool is an amazing school, you helped me so much to pass all my exams first time with an average pass rate of 93%.”

“The school is a really great place to come and study, the instructors are very good and interesting, highlighting all the right things. It is also a very pleasant environment too, where you can really focus on your lessons. I will be recommending Bristol GS to anyone who wants to pass their ATPL. The question bank is also great and always up-to-date.”

Olivier Allec, First Officer for Globeair AG on citation mustang

Jamie Bacon

“I was a student with Bristol Ground School from November 2015 – February 2017 and recently passed my final exam. I researched extensively before committing to any ATPL theory provider, but in the end, choosing Bristol Ground School was a no-brainer. Their reputation speaks for itself; Bristol Ground School has a proven track record for getting people through the ATPL theory with excellent pass marks, myself included. You’ll struggle to find a bad word spoken about them.”

“The quality of the printed materials and ATPDigital software is fantastic, and their question bank – BGS Online – is a must-have. The brush-up courses at the end of each module are led by highly experienced, knowledgeable and approachable instructors, who genuinely want you to succeed. They help to fully prepare you before sitting the exams.”

“Thanks again to everyone at Bristol Ground School for all the support during my studies. Without you, I’m sure I wouldn’t have achieved 14 first time passes with an average of over 90%.”

Ivana Alvares-Marshall, freelancing on private jets


“I have passed all 14 exams and cannot thank Bristol Groundschool enough for the support and help they provided in the preparation of my ATPL written exams. The Bristol question bank was also a massive help! The time and energy the instructors provide to the students is amazing and made such a difference to my success, they were always willing to lend a helpful hand.”

“Bristol Groundschool provides a wonderful professional service and I will definitely be recommending BGS to potential students.”

Ivana Alvares-Marshall, first corporate female pilot in Malaysia and first Indian female pilot in Malawi, currently freelancing on private jets in the UK.

Jonathan Cormack, Corporate Jet Pilot for Centreline

I chose Bristol Groundschool because they were the biggest ground school provide and they had excellent reviews.

The printed materials are very high quality with good images throughout. It made them easy to read and, even for a non-physics / maths type like me, accessible and understandable. Whilst travelling being able to access the course on the iPad or laptop was equally easy.

Whilst most study is distance learning; the face-to-face tuition is first class. The Accelerator weekends that BGS runs for the trickier subjects are to be highly recommended.

Bristol Groundschool’s team of instructors are very engaging, mostly ex-military, with good stories that bring subjects to life and lighten the drier elements of any course.

They genuinely care about their students, are accessible via phone/ email if there are any questions and it makes for a good atmosphere and learning environment. The revision weeks are also brilliant: everyone teaching really knows their stuff.

Lastly, the BGS Online question bank is invaluable. It is the most comprehensive and up-to-date question bank around.

I’d wholeheartedly recommend BGS as your approved training provider. I am currently flying corporate jets with Centreline. A dream job.


Daniel May, First Officer BAE Systems


Daniel May, First Officer BAE Systems

Edoardo Minuto


Working as a First Officer for Vietnam Airlines

Your fame preceded you, and I had no doubt for a moment about where I would do my ATPL theory courses. The distance learning with Bristol was amazing, the online question bank was even then ahead of its time and the brush-up courses just helped to complete an excellent preparation. I passed all my theory exams first time, with an average score of 92%+!!!

I completed my CPL/IR and MCC, and after a thorough selection process, I joined the cadet program of Vietnam Airlines in September 2015 and I am now proudly working as a First Officer for Vietnam Airlines.


Jevan Burchell


“I did my research on ground schools before choosing BGS and I definitely made the correct choice. You have created a fantastic learning facility and I really appreciate your time and support through the course. The instructors especially were brilliant. I am now working as a First Officer at Ryanair and loving it.”

Valentino Abdelghani


The ATPL course was one of the hardest challenges of my life, especially because I’m working while I am studying, but thanks to the organisation and professionalism of the staff at Bristol Groundschool it was easier for me to study, prepare myself and pass all the ATPL exams first time.

The staff care and really want their students to pass. They will do whatever they can to help students understand the subjects. I would totally recommend them to anyone.

Jamie Dickson, easyJet First Officer


“For the best results, train with the best people – Bristol Groundschool!”

Bristol Groundschool are fantastic! All of the materials are superb and the iPad app was a life saver! It made all of the study so easy and it meant I could take the study materials into work and do some revision in the back galley on my break!

The revision weeks are superb; they really prepare you for the exams not just with the knowledge but with the vital exam technique which is key to getting first time passes.

Thank you Bristol Groundschool for all your help getting me to where I am today!

Jamie Dickson, First Officer on A319/20 with easyJet.

Andreas Rosboch


I chose Bristol Groundschool over competing courses because of the excellent reviews online and not offering discounts to lure people in. The training at Bristol Groundschool and the quality of ATPdigital is outstanding. I still use the books for revision. The trainers are excellent and they know what they need to do for you to pass.

If you think you’ve studied enough, study another 10%. This will make all the difference. That holds true at the airlines as well.

Andreas Rosboch, Second Officer with Cathay Pacific, based in Hong Kong.

Tommaso Cruciani, AirX First Officer

“I enjoyed studying at BGS and would recommend it to anyone getting their ATPL’s. I can honestly say I had fun and made some lasting friends.

Bristol Groundschool is the best choice if you want to pass your exams first time, the material is great, the instructors are passionate and the question bank is comprehensive.”

“I chose the modular route as I believe it forms a more adaptable, self-reliant and well-rounded pilot. Often, integrated training, though of high quality, is too standardised and fails to expose pilots to enough scenarios which require them to problem-solve independently, especially during their hour building.”

Tommaso Cruciani, AirX First Officer on the Embraer Legacy 600 fleet

Stephanie Bloxidge, Flybe First Officer

I know having studied with Bristol Groundschool and having them on my CV really helped me at my interview. The staff at Bristol Groundschool really care and are passionate about their subjects. I would definitely recommend them, their course material and question bank.”

Stephanie Bloxidge, Flybe First Officer on the Embraer 195

I chose Bristol Groundschool because I had been recommended them by numerous friends within the industry, so it was an easy choice!

Bristol Groundschool helped me achieve better results than I ever could have imagined for my ATPL’s. The Revision Weeks are the perfect environment to consolidate all the hard work you’ve already put in and to give you complete confidence when walking into the exam room!

I never thought I would have fond memories of the ATPL theory exams, but I can honestly say, I had the best time! I found it really hard to believe I was ready for the first Revision Week when I had completed all the modules on the iPad. However, the Revision Week reinforced everything I had learnt and ironed out anything I had been unsure about. The ATPL course requires a lot of hard work but I felt fully prepared by the time I went to my exams. I have made some great friends at Bristol and many of us have kept in touch.

My first 2 years flying the Dash 8 Q400 turboprop were a fantastic foundation and I am now really enjoying the new challenges of flying a 50 tonne jet! I would like to progress within Flybe and gain a command on this fantastic aircraft.

Paul Ryan, First Officer, Flybe


“I would totally recommend Bristol Groundschool – 14 first time passes and over 90% exam average, all while working full-time in less than 12 months, what more could you ask for. Bristol Groundschool deliver high quality training and go the extra mile to support each and every student.”
Paul Ryan

First Officer, Flybe

“Bristol Groundschool is excellent, the computer-based training software, ATPdigital is fantastic, it gives you structured learning and daily study targets based on your desired completion date. Couple this with the Revision Weeks that are delivered by highly experienced instructors.

If you complete the computer-based course, attend the Revision Weeks and complete the work given while you are at the Ground School you can be confident of passing your exams. Without the structured content of the Bristol course and high level of training from the staff I would not have been able to work and study at the same time.
I chose the modular training path as I feel it is better for students who are self-funding their training, having the ability to do each part as finances allow is a big plus.”

Matt Bedford


I obtained a 90% overall pass mark in the examinations, this proves that the staff at Bristol Groundschool are remarkable.” Matt Bedford

I chose Bristol Groundschool because they are are professional, have excellent attention to detail and are very helpful.

The Revision Weeks were brilliant in reassuring me and helping me to understand what I had learnt studying at home.

Obtaining a 90% overall pass mark in the examinations proves that the staff at Bristol Groundschool are remarkable at what they do; they are a first class training provider!

I am currently a Flight Instructor at Horizon Flight training school. My ambition is to become an airline pilot or business jet pilot but in the meantime I am building my hours as a Flight Instructor.

Ben Bowker, Jet2 Pilot Apprentice

Bristol really put together a fantastic package for the Revision Weeks with top notch instructors and great material, it’s then when everything really comes together.”
Ben Bowker

Jet2 Pilot Apprentice

I’m a huge advocate of the modular training route. Bristol Groundschool worked for me. The quality of their books, online training and question bank made it easier for me to organise my study and made it far less painful than it may otherwise have been if I had not studied with them. The modules were really well structured and the technical detail was made easy to understand.

When I got to the Revision Weeks, and I’m sure 99% would agree, Bristol really put together a fantastic package with top notch instructors and its then when it really comes together. By the end of the Revision Weeks you really are ready for the exams. A lot of hard work but quite enjoyable too.

After totting up my training cost from 0 – ATPL, I have spent around £40K which has been spread over a number of years, so for me, coming from what I would call an average financial background has been demanding yes, but achievable. Also, if you’re able to work alongside your training, any debts you do pick up will be able to be paid off far quicker, so you’re not having to wait until you start your first airline job before you begin to pay back any borrowed money.

Distance learning is hard enough so make sure you have the best materials, support and instructors and use a school, like Bristol Groundschool that has proven it works.

I started my pilot career with Jet2 as a pilot apprentice. That consisted of 12 months on the ground. The first 2 months were spent in various departments at the head office in Leeds, 2 months flying as cabin crew, then the remainder of the time working as a crew room assistant preparing flight paperwork for crews and looking after general logistics. After all of that Jet2 bonded my type rating on the Boeing 737-800 and I am now flying as a first officer based at Manchester.

The Jet2 Pilot Apprentice scheme is a fabulous opportunity for low hour pilots to get themselves involved in the industry. You have the opportunity to learn about all parts of the airline business and gain a good understanding of how each different department knits together to run a successful airline. All of that background information is particularly valuable when you finally get to fly in the right hand seat!

James Carter


“The best school, with the best staff and the best service. Unbeatable!”
James Carter, BGS student.

Pilot in training

When did you decide you wanted to become a pilot?
I’ve always wanted to work in aviation, first I worked as an air traffic controller, but then I started looking into becoming a pilot. I took a test session and after that I was hooked. My first flight was in 2009 and now in 2016 I am continuing to work so I can pay for my flight training. My ambition is to get a job with the airlines, any airlines.

Why did you choose the modular route?
Because it is cheaper and you can continue to work and earn.

What advice would you give to an aspiring pilot?
Just go for it, flying is the best thing I’ve ever done.

Why did you choose Bristol Groundschool?
Bristol Groundschool is the best school I’ve ever gone to, with the best instructors, the best support and the best service, unbeatable!

What are you currently doing?
I am continuing to work to pay for my flight training.