30 Years of Bristol Groundschool

It’s our 30th anniversary and we’re taking a look back on our history and how it all began…



– 1990 –

Alex Whittingham, former TriStar captain, leaves the airforce after losing his medical licence.

Pictured below is Alex in 1988 as a First Officer on an RAF TriStar.



– 1991 –

After working as the Chief Ground Instructor of a number of pilot training schools, Alex started on his own, delivering exam revision courses, particularly for aircraft performance.



– 1993 –

Alex partners with Bristol Flying Centre to deliver ground school ATPL and instrument rating theory at Bristol International Airport.

Over the next 10 years, the ground school training delivered at Bristol Flying Centre became known as Bristol Groundschool.



– 1994 –

Alex creates the first set of manuals, enabling the delivery of full ATPL and CPL theory courses.



– 1999 –

Pioneering flight theory computer-based training is developed which included hundreds of progress tests.



– 2000 –

Distance learning ATPL theory courses launch along with an ATPL question bank for JAA exams.



– 2001 –

Bristol Groundschool collaborates with its first partner school Hub Air in Belgium to deliver ground school training.



– 2004 –

Bristol Groundschool moves from its base at Bristol International Airport to a new office in Cheddar.



– 2010 –

Our industry-leading computer-based training software, ATPdigital, is launched.



– 2012 –

Our online ATPL question bank, BGSonline, is launched with over 12,000+ questions.



– 2014 –

Bristol Groundschool outgrows its Cheddar office and moves to its current location in Clevedon, UK.



– 2015 –

Bristol Groundschool becomes one of the first UK CAA exam venues.



– 2019 –

Bristol Groundschool switches up its look to a modern red branding and became the first EASA exam centre in the UK, in partnership with AustroControl.



– 2020 –

Introduction of our 100% online course along with live webinars, enabling all Bristol Groundschool students to continue with their studies through the Covid 19 pandemic.



– 2021 –

Bristol Groundschool continues to operate as an exam venue throughout the Covid pandemic.




– 2022 –

Bristol Groundschool launches a PPL computer-based training to help PPL students revise and pass their exams.



– 2022 –

BGS Webinar Library is launched to enable all ATPL students to learn from Bristol Groundschool’s team of instructors with recorded lessons.



– October 2022 –

We’re celebrating our 30th anniversary this October with a look back on the past 30 years, an Instagram giveaway to win subscriptions to BGS Webinar Library and BGSonline, plus some exclusive discounts.