COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Terms and Conditions

Last updated 17/01/22 – Please note all terms and conditions listed below apply

Terms and conditions for candidates attending exams at the Bristol Groundschool Examination Centre when COVID-19 restrictions are in force

These Terms and Conditions (T&C) apply to all candidates attending examinations at the Bristol Groundschool Examination Centre (BGS), whether those exams were booked prior to the COVID-19 lockdown or more recently.

Acceptance of these conditions is now mandatory for all attendees; booking and attending an exam at BGS will be taken as full acceptance of these T&C. The T&C are based upon EASA NAA practices, guidance from the UK Government and practices in place in the aviation industry

1) You are responsible for your own travel, accommodation, and refreshments. Due to decontamination issues, and social distancing, there are no facilities available at BGS apart from toilets and access to water.

2) For exams at BGS, candidates are required to be symptom free on arrival. Social distancing will be observed throughout following the procedures we have had in place for some time.

Until further notice, candidates sitting exams are required to show a negative PCR or lateral flow test in the previous 72 hours before arrival for their first exam or evidence of double vaccination. The test cannot be from a home testing kit because we need to see an official test result, it needs to be from an official lateral flow testing centre. There are test centres across the country, results usually in 30 minutes and the results are texted to your phone.

Candidates not resident in the UK must provide a copy of their UK Passenger Locator Form as well as evidence of double vaccination and/or a negative PCR test/Lateral Flow Test. Evidence of double vaccination must be present using the NHS app or a printout from the app, vaccination cards are not accepted as evidence of double vaccination.

 Please read further details on our Covid-19 update web page.

3) If you have booked and do not attend without cancelling in the required timeframe you will not receive a refund. If you cannot attend due to COVID-19 symptoms you should contact Austro Control or CAA.

4) You must wear a face covering or face mask to enter the BGS building (you must bring your own, we can’t provide them) and observe social distancing (2 m separation) for the duration of your time in the building, including during the exams. No exceptions can be made to this policy, no matter what the reason.

5) A non-contact thermometer will be used to measure the temperature of all persons entering BGS, including staff; any person with a temperature of 38°C or more will be refused entry.

6) In the event of refusal of entry to the BGS building and / or the exams due to non-compliance with the T&C, or failure of the temperature test on entry, BGS, Austro Control or CAA are not liable for any reimbursement of costs, including exam fees.

Procedures for entry, exam sittings and exit

1) You must arrive at BGS no later than 40 minutes before the start time of the exam. Admission will start 30 minutes before Austro exams and 15 minutes before CAA exams.  The last time for entry is 10 minutes before the start of the exam, after which entry will be closed. Late arrivals will not be admitted.

2) The lounge area within the BGS building is out of use. There is limited queueing space inside which may be used only when instructed.  Sanitising gel will be available, but the desks, chairs and iPads will be cleaned before and after each exam by BGS staff.

3) There are no storage facilities on site so watches, books, bags, refreshments, etc. must be left outside the building. You may only enter with exam material and must bring your own pens and pencils including a spare.  A single water bottle is permitted.

4) If the weather allows then windows will be left open in the exam rooms to allow through ventilation; if not, the classroom air conditioning system will be utilised.

5) At the BGS entrance you will have your temperature checked, your ID will be confirmed and you will be asked to show either your negative PCR, lateral flow test or evidence of double vaccination. Face masks must be worn upon entry and until you leave the building after the exam.  Once your ID is confirmed you will be instructed to either proceed to upstairs to the relevant exam room and sit at the desk with your name, or to the waiting area.  The waiting area is in the coffee bar outside the examination rooms and is marked in 2 m spaces.  If you are instructed to wait in the waiting area, you must remain within one marked space until called forward to the examination room.

6) Each desk will have scrap paper, an iPad and printed annex (if required  / applicable to the exam). Annexes are created individually for each candidate so you must sit at the correct desk.

7) On completion of an exam you should dispose of scrap paper in the bins provided before exiting the exam room and then immediately exit the BGS building via the main entrance, or as directed. Nothing should be left in the exam room or BGS building as re-entry will not be possible.

8) You should observe social distancing and not loiter in the building, including toilets, as candidates for the next exam will be entering the building. You are reminded that non-compliance with T&C will result in your removal from BGS could result in a refusal of entry for subsequent exams.