EASA or UK CAA Approved course?

With the UK’s departure from EASA new BGS customers need to choose whether they wish to be registered on an UK CAA or EASA approved course.

In order to facilitate the latter we have opened a separate Approved Training Organisation (ATO) called Bristol Groundschool Europe (BGS Europe) which is already approved by the Irish Aviation Authority (IAA).

UK CAA approved course

For some customers the choice is simple. UK Military pilots training with ELCAS funding are required to continue with UK CAA Approval and take their exams in the UK. Other customers will have already decided to go for a UK licence and will therefore be taking their exams with the UK CAA from January 2021.


EASA approved course

Customers who will be taking their exams outside of the UK CAA, for example with Austro Control, and their State Of Licence Issue (SOLI) will be in an EASA State, should choose to be registered with BGS Europe on an EASA approved course.  EASA will not allow a transfer from a UK ATO to an EASA ATO.

There may be some customers who do not know yet what to do, for these customers we would recommend choosing to be registered with BGS Europe because, the UK CAA have said they will recognise training completed at EASA Approved ATOs for ‘up to two years’. On that basis we would expect you would be able to transfer you back to UK Approval, if required.

Whichever ATO you choose, in terms of the location of training and training delivery nothing will change, the courses will be identical – only the Approval is different.


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