The Final Push – Module 3 with Bristol Groundschool

Firstly happy new year! 26 days in, not sure I can still get away with saying that!  Anyway first post of 2017 so here goes…

Going back to the end of last year, after a tense wait before Christmas I received those valuable emails from the CAA, it was results day! Luckily all Module 2 subjects passed – Aircraft General Knowledge, Air Law, Flight Planning and Radio Navigation. This was a great relief and thankful yet again to Bristol Groundschool for this success!
After a few days off for Christmas, I then started reading the content for the final 6 exams. I set myself a deadline and booked the brush-up revision week at Bristol Groundschool for the end of May 2017, giving myself sufficient time to study for the following final exams:
– Performance
– Principles of Flight
– Mass & Balance
– Operational Procedures
– IFR Communications
– VFR Communications
The study is so far going well, and I’ve now got an appreciation of the more harder subjects and the easier ones. Performance and Principles of Flight seem quite mathematical in places whereas Ops Procedures is fairly factual based, IFR and VFR Comms was completed in a week!
So back to the books I go, until next time…