Module 1 ATPL Results!

JUNE 2016

So after a short wait, I received my results for the four Module 1 ATPL subjects last week,and I was relieved to find I had passed them all! I came away from the General Navigation exam unsure if I had passed, as I struggled to finish it in time, the two hours allocated for the exam is by far the quickest two hours I have ever known!!

I passed the following exams:
-General Navigation
-Human Factors and Limitations
-Aircraft Instruments
Overall I am very pleased with the outcome and realise that all the revision paid off and can’t thank Bristol Ground School enough for the brush up week which prepared me well for the exams.
After a quick break, I’ve begun study for Module 2 comprising of the following subjects:
 – Aircraft General Knowledge (AGK)
– Air Law
– Flight Planning
– Radio Navigation
So 4 down, 10 to go!
Thanks for reading.