Bristol Groundschool revision week and exams – Module 1

Sunday 5 June 2016

Since finishing the reading of Bristol Groundschool Module 1 which includes 4 subjects, I’ve been working flat out on revision towards the first set of exams – General Navigation, Meteorology, Instruments and Human Factors and Performance.
During the last week of May I packed my car up with two-weeks worth of clothes, revision books and some food and set off to a lovely village called Churchill, south of Bristol where I  stayed whilst attending the brush-up revision week and exams at Bristol Groundschool.
The brush-up week consisted of revision sessions from 8.45-17.00, Mon-Fri in all four Mod 1 subjects. I found this week extremely beneficial to help prepare us for the forthcoming exams, we studied aspects of each topic in detail, especially if it’s notoriously tricky as well as plenty of past exam questions. A lot of people brought lunch with them but there is a Tesco about 10 mins walk/2 mins drive away for those who wish to buy lunch. I was thankful that tea/coffee and water was available all day at BGS which certainly helps when my brain was starting to fry!!
The instructors were first class, extremely knowledgeable, passionate and provided plenty of hints and tips for the exams! Help and support is in abundance at Bristol whether that be through the instructors, admin staff or amongst other students, where I made some great friends. Instantly I knew all the previous self study at home for Mod 1 was worth it!
Bristol Groundschool classroom
Books open ready for study! 
After an intense but enjoyable week of revision courses, it was time to face the exams!  I’d chosen to do my exams at BGS straight after revision as I wanted to retain the continuity which meant I took less time away from work,plus it was reassuring to take exams in a location where  I was already familiar with . The exams are conducted electronically with each workstation equipped with a laptop.
A lot of my fellow students did the same as me whilst some were to take the exams in future sittings.
I sat my Mod 1 exams over three days, Gnav on Tuesday, Met and Human Performance on Wednesday and Instruments on Thursday I found all exams very challenging and tough, particularly Gnav and Instruments! Now I’m just (anxiously) awaiting to hear back my results from the CAA!!
Until next time, thanks for reading!