PPL Course Introduction Guide

We are delighted that you have taken the decision to study with Bristol Groundschool – and hope you are looking forward to beginning your PPL theory studies. Below is some information about getting started.


1. What do I need to get started?
2. Loading your CBT software – ATPdigital
3. Setting target dates for your modules
4. Lesson format
5. Progress tests, practice, and exam questions
6. Content updating and sending results
7. Technical support
8. Booking exams
9. Contact us


1. What do I need to get started?

Now that your registration has been processed, you will shortly receive an email with instructions to download our industry-leading training software, ATPdigital. For further details – see no. 2 below.

The following items will be required during your studies
• A scientific calculator
• A mechanical navigation computer – A Pooleys CRP-1, ARC-1 or similar will be sufficient
• A protractor and ruler


2. Loading your CBT software – ATPdigital

ATPdigital is our CBT software which you will use to study the lessons and complete the progress tests throughout the course.

The licence you receive with the course entitles you to two installations of ATPdigital, which can be used on either PC or Mac. You will also receive one installation for our iPad app.

Download links along with guides on how to install and use ATPdigital can be found through the links below:

ATPdigital for PC
ATPdigital for Mac
ATPdigital for iPad
If you experience any problems when loading your software, please visit our Support page.


3. Setting target dates for your modules

When you sign in to ATPdigital, the first page you’ll see is the Dashboard page. On the right-hand side of this page is your My Progress graph.

This graph will show you how far you should be through your course based on your Target Dates.

If you are studying as part of a Class, the Target Dates for your course will be set by your school. If you are managing your own studies, studying directly with BGS, you can edit your own Target Dates by clicking on Edit Dates on the top left-hand corner of the panel.

Once you start completing lessons you will see a second line appear which you can compare with the Target line to see how far ahead of/behind of schedule you are.


4. Lesson format

At the end of most lessons, you are presented with a multi-choice quiz that tests your understanding of the lesson. You must complete the lesson quiz 100% correctly to record the lesson as complete. Each time the quiz is taken, the answer sequence is randomised.


5. Progress tests and practice exam questions

Multi-choice progress tests are inserted after each topic; topics may comprise of several lessons. Progress tests are more difficult than the lesson quizzes and longer, often containing up to 20 questions. The pass rate is lower, at 75%. You may take the progress tests as many times as you wish to perfect your scores and consolidate your learning. The answers are randomised each time and the system records all your test scores.

In addition to the quiz and progress test questions, you can access a built-in database of exam questions that are designed to match the EASA and UK CAA question bank as closely as possible. The options are either to search by topic, to take a timed exam, to take an untimed exam, or to practise questions. When exams are requested, they are generated so that they contain the correct proportions of content from each syllabus objective.

The software allows you to start working through the questions and then return to the subject later to look at either, the questions you have yet to attempt, those you got wrong, or all the questions again. ATPdigital will display the lessons by subject from the ‘My course’ page, to make revision easier once you have completed them.


6. Content updates and sending results

It is important to connect to the Internet on a regular basis throughout your study. This will allow you to receive lesson updates, new questions and ensure that your completed lessons/tests are uploaded to your official records on our servers.

You can see if you have any updates available by looking at the bottom left of the Dashboard page.

Clicking on the ‘Updates Available’ will take you to a screen where you can download the updates.

Next to this you’ll find the button which shows whether your completed lessons/tests have all been uploaded to your official records on the server.

If the button is green, this means that all of your results have been uploaded and your official records are up to date

If the button is red, this means that you have completed lessons or tests which have not yet been uploaded to your official records.

To upload your results, connect your device to the internet and then click on the ‘Sync’ button to run a manual sync.


7. Technical support

You are entitled to 12 months’ free technical support for ATPdigital from the date of purchase.

If you experience problems with ATPdigital please start by visiting the Support page on our website where you will find FAQs as well as troubleshooting guides for ATPdigital on all available platforms.

If you are unable to resolve your issue on the website, email our support team on support@bristol.gs or phone on +44 (0)1275 345913.

Please provide as much detail as possible and include screenshots if you can.


8. Booking exams

When you are ready to book the exams, you will need to contact your chosen EASA state or the UK CAA if you are aiming for a UK issued licence. Lessons and tests need to be 100% complete on ATPdigital prior to attempting the examinations. Please note PPL exams are not available at Bristol Groundschool’s examination venue. If you are studying your course with another school we would recommend contacting them if you have any exam queries relating to exams.


9. Contact us

For technical support, please visit the support page on our website

For all other enquires
Email: info@bristol.gs
Tel: +44 (0)1275 340444

Bristol Groundschool
Windmill Road, Kenn
Clevedon, Somerset
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