Preparing for the revision week

One week to go!

Once again, apologies for the lack of posts recently, a week tomorrow I pack up my car and head to my accommodation in Bristol prior to the revision/brush up week and following Module 2 exams at Bristol Groundschool.

Revision is in full swing at the moment as I undertake mock exams and questions on the hugely helpful Bristol BGSonline question bank!
I’ve also found that creating digital flash cards has helped me to revise, creating questions and answers and reviewing them frequently. There are a number of decent apps for the smartphone or tablet which enable you to study whenever, wherever-really useful for people like me!
I’m looking forward to consolidating my revision during the revision week and finally get the next batch of exams done, which will be between 19th and 21st December and then head home for Christmas for a break!
Anyway enough from me for now, till next time…thanks for reading.