ATPdigital syllabus upgrade

If you are an existing ATPdigital customer, you may want to upgrade onto the latest version of your current syllabus but not want to pay for a new course.  This product achieves that aim at a discounted price.

Please note – where the lessons are the same in previous versions and the current syllabus, your previous lessons quiz and progress test results will be carried across to the updated version…even if the content has been updated. You will also get a new 18-month support contract.

If you would prefer to have a totally fresh start, with your previous records being wiped plus updating your syllabus to the latest version, choose ATPdigital Account upgrade from the shop instead.

The Syllabus upgrade product is only relevant to existing ATPdigital customers.  If you purchased your course from a flight school, rather than directly from Bristol Groundschool, you must apply to do this through your school.

You have the option of adding a new 12 months BGS Online subscription for a discounted rate of £120.  When your year’s subscription to BGS Online is up, you’ll have the option to extend once, for a 50% discount.

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

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