ATPL(A) to ATPL(H) conversion


This course is designed for JAA or EASA ATPL(A) holders who wish to apply for an EASA ATPL(H).  To be eligible to apply for the licence after completion of this course, your JAA or EASA ATPL(A) must be current.  If you meet the eligibility requirements, you’ll need to sit 5 helicopter-specific examinations: 021 Aircraft General Knowledge; 022 Instrumentation; 034 Performance; 070 Operational Procedures; and 080 Principles of Flight.

The course includes ATPdigital CBT software, 12 months subscription to our question bank – bgsonline and the EASA Helicopter Examination Manual (CAP758).

During the current coronavirus pandemic, our revision weeks have moved online and, to supplement these and replace our accelerator weekends, we are also running a series of regular live webinars to cover the syllabus and to support students with their learning.

Printed training materials

If you would like to combine your online learning with traditional training methods we can supply you with a set of printed training manuals in ring binders as an optional extra. The content of the manuals is broken down by subject and chapter, with thousands of diagrams supplementing the text, and highlighted call-outs emphasising important facts. The set of manuals would normally cost £415.75 but are reduced to £363.95 when ordered at the same time as your course.

For our existing customers, in possession of an ATPdigital v6 software licence, there is a reduction in the price of the course.

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  • H-A or H-A Conversion Manuals (purchased with a course)


    A discounted set of printed manuals for the subjects in the ATPL(H) to ATPL(H)/IR, ATPL(H) to ATPL(A) or CPL(A) to CPL(H) conversion courses. The manuals come on high quality paper in full colour, with Bristol Groundschool ring binders. If you are not purchasing these manuals at the same time as a course, please purchase from here instead.

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