CB-IR Approved course


The competency based IR (CB-IR) course is suitable for pilots that don’t have ambitions to fly commercially but would like the privileges that the full IR qualification gives.

Please visit our instrument ratings information page if you are unsure if this rating is suitable for you.

Our CB-IR theory course is delivered using our computer based training App ATPdigital, we have tailored the lessons to meet the learning objectives for the CB-IR syllabus. You will also receive 12 months subscription to our question bank BGSonline to help with your exam preparation.

There is an 8 hour live online ground school requirement associated with this course, you can meet this requirement by requesting access to our live webinars we run every week. Please see the home page of our website for next week’s live teaching webinars.

Our teaching webinars are delivered at ATPL level meaning they will go into more detail than what is required for the CB-IR syllabus. You can choose the webinars that best meet your requirements.

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