CPL(H) manuals and CBT only


You may order individual subjects of a complete set of of CPL(H) manuals. Comes with ring binders, subject divider cards, and the subject(s) on ATPdigital, our industry-leading computer based training software.

You may select to download or receive the software on a USB stick. If you chose the USB stick option you’ll get the download links anyway. We recommend that you order a USB stick (at no extra cost) unless you are certain that you have a very good internet connection, as the download files are very large.

Please note if you use a PC and would like a USB stick please confirm if you have Windows 32 or 64 Bit – if you are not sure which version you have please visit.

Please refer to the EASA syllabus 2020 page on this website before selecting the syllabus you should choose.

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