Progress so far…

January 2016

So, nearly two months into Module 1 now and the work pace and content is really picking up, with constant flow of lessons and progress tests. I feel like I am learning more facts, acronyms, diagrams than anything ever before, my poor little brain is beginning to fry! But as I’ve heard from many other ATPL ‘graduates’ it’s to be expected and to be honest I’m finding it all very interesting and enlightening even if I grumble when attempting to read through ‘Polar Stereo chart projections’ in a Friday night after a day of work!

As a very basic list, I have touched on 3 of the Mod 1 subjects-Met, GNav, Instrumentation and studied aspects like;

Pressure instruments
Moisture and convection
Chart projections
Distance calculations-rhumb lines, great circle tracks

…To name but a few. The learning curve is steep but I’m determined to achieve first time passes in the exams so I am throwing in the hard work and effort!

I am working to a loose schedule, so I plan to attend the revision/brush up week in lovely Somerset around the end of May and immerse myself into the first batch of exams in early June…gulp!!

As you have probably seen in the opening picture, I bought myself some revision essentials. I have been recommended using a whiteboard to scribble down various diagrams, facts etc- basically any way to drum it into my head! And ofcourse plenty of high lighters and post it notes to litter the walls of my room in revision goodness!

Till next time…