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Now in operation for over 24 years, Bristol Groundschool is Europe’s leading provider of modular distance learning courses for the EASA Airline Transport Pilot’s Licence (ATPL). Our first-to-market, innovative and intuitive training materials have set the standard for ground school study in the aviation training market, with a proven success rate far in excess of traditional classroom-based or iPad-only learning.

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Market leading provider
We are also the market leading provider of ATPL training resources and materials to ATOs around the world, Find out more about joining our global network of ATPL training partners.

The best online ATPL question bank – bgsonline

Why choose Bristol’s bgsonline?

  • Over 15,000 ATPL(A), ATPL(H)/IR, CPL(A) and IR multiple choice exam questions.
  • As an on-site EASA examination centre we have the benefit of regularly updating our question bank following student feedback. Approximately 100 new questions added every month.
  • Questions have detailed explanations and tutorial videos.
  • Practise exams and progress monitoring.


Numerical answers introduced for some EASA exams

The CAA will be introducing a new software system for EASA exams. Students should not see too many differences in the new system, but one important change is that certain subjects will now ask for numerical answers to be typed in, rather than chosen from four options.

The subjects concerned are Performance, Mass and Balance, Flight Planning and Principles of Flight – so far. The relevant unit will be on display alongside the answer box, so there is less room for confusion. There will be a tolerance range for the numbers, to allow for rounding up or down. For example, if the answer is 1.5 and the tolerance is +/- 0.5, then any any answer between 1.0 and 2.0 will be marked as correct.

The new system has been in use in Australia and New Zealand for several months now, with no discernible difference in student performance. You should expect to see the new answer format in the relevant exams from August 2017.

“The revision courses are superb; they really prepare you for the exams not just with the knowledge but with the vital exam technique which is key to getting first time passes.
For the best results, train with the best people – Bristol Groundschool!”

Jamie Dickson, easyJet First Officer
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