Important changes to syllabus and CAA exams for students studying and taking exams for Module 1 and Module 2

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CAA Exam changes starting August 17

The latest update of the changes being made to the provision of FCL Theoretical Knowledge Examinations using the new delivery platform – Quadrant.

It has been decided to introduce four styles of questions from August 2017, originally it was going to be just one initially. Quadrant will deliver the following answer styles:

  1. Multiple-choice – the current question style where the candidate selects a single answer from four options.
  2. Multi-select – candidates must select options from a list to correctly answer the question. This question style will replace some of the current questions where a list of numbered options is provided in the question stem – and the candidate must select the correct group of options in the answer.
  3. Inline – involves the correct completion of sentences using a dropdown menu containing words, numbers, or a combination of both.
  4. Text – type-in-the-answer questions requiring the input of keystrokes. This style may be used to answer calculation-type questions, or questions requiring the extraction of data from a chart or table.

All questions will be reviewed by the CAA to ensure their suitability to be delivered in this manner and that it does not disadvantage the candidate. The CAA have confirmed they will also be closely monitoring candidates’ comments made during and at the end of each exam to identify questions that may require amending or withdrawing.

The proposed dates for the change-over in each subject category for ATPL, CPL and IR examinations are listed in the table below:

Subject Date
010 Air Law 14-Aug-17
062 Radio Navigation 14-Aug-17
091 VFR Communications 21-Aug-17
092 IFR Communications 21-Aug-17
040 Human Performance and Limitations 28-Aug-17
061 General Navigation 04-Sep-17
033 Flight Planning and Flight Monitoring 04-Sep-17
050 Meteorology 11-Sep-17
071 Operational Procedures 11-Sep-17
021 Airframe and Systems, Electrics, Powerplant, Emergency Equipment 18-Sep-17
022 Aircraft General Knowledge – Instrumentation 18-Sep-17
031 Mass and Balance – Aeroplane & Helicopters 02-Oct-17
081 Principles of Flight – Aeroplane 02-Oct-17
082 Principles of Flight – Helicopter 02-Oct-17
032 Performance – Aeroplanes 09-Oct-17
034 Performance – Helicopters 23-Oct-17

NOTE: The dates for September and October may change dependant on any problems encountered with the initial delivery.
The precedent for this style of questions has already been set in Europe. Quadrant has been implemented for FCL examinations in New Zealand, Australia and Singapore with no major problems.

A short video presentation has been made available by the CAA which appears on their website and also the Tasman Candidate Portal.

As we have further updates we will update our website.

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