BGSonline Launches New PPL Question Bank

BGSonline PPL Question Bank Homepage and PPL(A) Dashboard
Screenshot of the PPL Practice Questions on BGSonline (left) and the BGSonline Homepage (right)

New PPL question bank from the leading ATPL, CPL and IR question bank, BGSonline.

Start your BGSonline PPL Question Bank Subscription

BGSonline has expanded its question bank to now include questions suitable for EASA and UK CAA PPL (private pilot licence) examinations.

With a BGSonline subscription, students are able to revise by subject, topic or even specific keywords, allowing them to develop a better understanding of each subject before sitting their exams.

30 Days 90 Days 180 Days 1 Year
PPL £9.90 (€11.90) £29.90 (€34.90) £39.90 (€45.90) £59.90 (€69.90)

The BGSonline dashboard shows students their progress by either viewing all subjects, topics, progress within a specific topic or day by day. This is also where students will be able to see and review any questions they have flagged whilst taking the in-built tests.

BGSonline comes with the ability to generate unlimited mock exams that can be easily tailored by selecting the chosen subject. Results are then available to view on the dashboard so students can get an understanding of what they have revised and areas that need improvement.

Every question within a practice test has a detailed explanation, some also have illustrations included to ensure understanding. Students are able to review the correct answer after each question submission or review at the end of the test.

BGSonline is reviewed regularly by Bristol Groundschool’s team of experienced instructors. This is to ensure that every question and explanation reflects real-life PPL exams and changes in the syllabus, giving students the best chance at passing their exams first time.

BGSonline is available on the go or at home (internet connection required) with compatibility for Mac, PC, iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows. Subscriptions start at just £9.90 per month with the option to purchase a 30 day, 90 days, 180 days or 1 year subscription.