BGSonline – ATPL question bank

A 12 month subscription to BGSonline, the original ATPL question bank, is included free of charge with our ATPL offer. With more than 15,000 EASA ATPL fixed-wing and helicopter-specific exam questions, each question can be followed up with a detailed explanation to enhance your students revision.

Accessible by PC, Mac, iPad or smartphone, BGSonline is the perfect tool for your students to test themselves, expand their knowledge and get exam ready. And it demonstrates that you are a school that’s committed to helping students pass their ATPLs with flying colours.

The perfect revision tool….

·         More than 15,000 ATPL fixed-wing and helicopter-specific exam questions

·        Student dashboards show how their knowledge is growing in each topic

·         Video tutorials that explain key concepts in depth

·         Filter questions by subject, topic or specific keywords as well as seeing ‘current’ questions or the entire database.

·        A student can flag questions for review later and develop their own practice tests

·         Generate mock exams based on the same EASA algorithms

Our ATPL question bank is regularly updated with the latest questions

Relevance of learning materials is important to us. We have designed the BGSonline to closely resemble the official EASA Central Question Bank. We update it regularly with feedback from our instructors and from thousands of students who have studied and passed their exams at Bristol Groundschool or one of our training partner schools.


What our students are saying

ATPL Question Bank BGSonline

“BGSonline provides the best aviation theory study support there is, compared with all the other question banks that are littered with thousands of erroneous questions. BGSonline puts quality above quantity. I love the functionality, the extra support and the ability to customise it to suit my study style.” Zoltan Szabo





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