Top Tips for Future Pilots Before You Start Your Flight Training

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Becoming a pilot and flying across the world is a dream job for many of our students. Whilst the road to becoming a commercial pilot is not an easy one, aviation can be a rewarding and satisfying career. Before you start flight training, check out our top tips for future pilots.


Have a trial lesson at your local flying club

You might have flown on a passenger plane already but flying in a light aircraft can feel completely different! It will give you the chance to control a plane for the first time and get a feel of what you’ll be doing in your future job.


Consider the cost of the training

Flight training can cost anywhere from £50,000 up to £100,000+, which is a significant investment for many people. For your theory training, you could consider going down the modular route. Modular ATPL courses are usually payable by instalments, so the upfront cost for the course is considerably lower than the integrated options. Bristol Groundschool’s Modular ATPL courses can be paid in instalments and can be delivered 100% online so there are no travel or boarding costs.


Research what you’ll be expected to learn as a commercial pilot

This includes the 13 ATPL (Airline Transport Pilot’s Licence) theory exams. These will be split up into 3 manageable modules, with a block of exams for each module. For a detailed view of each ATPL module, check out our ATPL (A) page here.


Talk to the students of the school you’re considering applying to before you start flight training

Getting feedback from current or past students is a great way to check that the school offers what it promises. Have a look at the feedback from Bristol Groundschool graduates or contact our Training Advisor.


Think about how your flight training is structured

Integrated schools can require you to live in a totally different location from where your friends and family are. While this might be an exciting first adventure away for some people, others may prefer to stay put. Whereas a modular course allows you complete flexibility and the option to study at your own pace. Some students study around other commitments such as a full-time job or family arrangements which enables them to study around their current lifestyle.


With the option for online-only tuition, you can choose to fit your studies around existing commitments too – no matter where you are in the world. We turn today’s students into tomorrow’s pilots. And we can do the same for you.

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