Brinsea Green Farm B&B

Contact name: Delia Edwards. Free WiFi, use of kitchen in the evenings, fridge/freezer space, washer/dryer.

Address: Congresbury BS49 5JN

00441934 852278

Distance: 14 minute drive


Brinsea Green Farm B&B
4.8 rating based on 12,345 ratings
Overall rating: 4.8 out of 5 based on 27 reviews.

Great all round.

Fantastic value accommodation at only £35 a night but can be even cheaper if you choose a shared bathroom. Lovely and hearty breakfast freshly prepared by Delia every morning. She also makes you feel at home and allows use of the kitchen and utilities in the evening which helps to keep costs down. Only 15 mins to BGS and plenty of takeaway options nearby should you need them. I'll be returning for mod 3.
- Andrew Martins-Tonks

Brilliant in every way

I have been staying here for mod 1,2 and will be returning for mod 3. The accommodation is very peaceful and clean, Wifi is descent and the lady that runs it is very lovely, really looks after you and makes you feel at home. The breakfast is very good and there are tea/coffee making facilities in each room with biscuits which is a nice touch! The room is warm and there is a communal area to study with a fire place. For this price I would struggle to find any better accommodation and would definitely recommend.
- Maciej Lenczowski


I have stayed at Brinsea Green Farm for Mod 1. 15 minute drive to BGS. Rooms have tea/coffee making facility, a wash basin & WIFI and there is also a study area downstairs with an open fire. Delia is very friendly and prepares a fantastic breakfast every morning. You can also use her kitchen in the evening if you wish for preparing your own meals. Thoroughly recommended. I will certainly be returning for Mods 2 & 3!
- David Hollins


Stayed here for my first Accelerator weekend, absolutely excellent rooms & breakfast. Delia was great, very welcoming! I will be definitely returning for the rest of my Modules!
- Joseph Corina


I stayed at Brinsea Green Farm for my first Accelerator. I am already booked in for my second Accelerator and Brush-up! Very welcoming, lovely room, quite location ideal for an evening of study.
- Gordon Marshall

Great! Best place

I was very lucky to choose this accomodation since the first time I went to BGS. The rooms are clean and Delia is very nice. Breakfast it's amazing. I could not image a better place where to stay. Also very quiet, which helps for studying.
- Edoardo


I've been staying for module 2. Delia is very welcoming and an excellent host. The accommodation is clean, tidy and homely. The only issue is that the traffic on the way back in the evening can be a bit heavy in Congresbury taking up to 40 mins. My advice would be to stay at this excellent B&B and stay at BGS for an extra 30 mins of revision before setting off. Enjoy your stay
- Andy Bancroft

Feels like home

I have stayed there for module 2 and 3 and it's definitely a 5 stars B&B. It's a lovely place, calm and peaceful, perfect to study. The house is very clean, there is plenty of space where you can relax. Delia's breakfasts are just amazing. For student who come from overseas, Delia is very helpful if you need transportation from the airport. The B&B is just 15min from BGS. The cottage is close to local shops and pubs. If there was a fourth module, it would be an easy choice!
- Romain


Superb place to stay and revise! Delia is a fantastic host and a pleasure to talk to. The rooms are clean and Delia cooks a brilliant breakfast! Have been returning here ever since my first accelerator weekend and I am impressed by the service and what you get for your buck. Definitely worth £25 or £35 per night depending on which room type you go for. Looking forward to returning for the module 3 brush up week and exams!
- Daniel

a home from home

I stayed here for all my BGS training. I loved getting away to the farm after a day in the class room. There is a lovely communal area with an open fire to study in. Delia makes a fantastic breakfast and best of all, she provided me with a packet of hobnobs for one of my late night cramming sessions. I don't think you'll find a better place for the price. Superb value.
- Stuart Lawson

Excellent accomodation

I stayed with Delia for my module 1 revision week and returned the following week for exams. Every aspect of my stay was excellent. The location is really convenient, and in the quiet countryside, which is ideal for studying and relaxing. The actual accommodation is really comfortable with all the amenities you would expect in a good hotel, but much more homely and informal. However the best thing about this is the very warm and friendly welcome and support that Delia provides through your whole stay. Nothing is too much trouble, and she is really interested in you and what you are trying to achieve. Arriving very late or leaving very early are all made easy, so don't worry if your travel plans are delayed (as mine were). Delia managed everything superbly. I will definitely be back for the next 2 modules and would heartily recommend this accommodation to anyone. It is understandably very popular, so book early to avoid disappointment.
- Bryan Kennedy

Outstanding B&B!

Stayed at Delia's charming farm house B&B for Module 1. Outstanding hospitality, clean & tidy in all areas! Amazing cooked breakfast, to start the day off right. Excellent location to study, with good sized desk in your room. Traffic wasn't bad, but it sometimes takes 15 minutes just to get out of the BGS industrial park. The few extra minutes to drive to Brinsea Farm are no big deal. Will be back here for Module 2! :-)
- Steven Neuser


Ideal accommodation for BGS. Clean, spacious, great full English breakfast. Lovely peaceful environment to work in each evening. Will be staying there again.
- Paul Summerscales

Outstanding stay

I stayed here for one of my accelerator courses for 2 nights and it was a superb stay! Delia will help you out in any way! Rooms are clean, full variety of breakfast choices to set you up, full use of kitchen facilities and peace and quiet in the countryside - ideal for studying! Thanks Delia!
- Marc Webster


A great place to stay while I preparedfor my exams. Delia cooked lovely breakfasts, on top of fruit cereals and yoghurts. She made me welcome in her home, and was more than happy for me to store food in the fridge, and cook in her kitchen. Will be back for module 2!
- Mark


I stayed at Brinsea Green Farm for all 3 Mods. Clean, peaceful and comfortable, it’s just a short drive from BGS. The WiFi is great, easily quick enough to cope with the QB and Delia cooks a delicious, freshly cooked breakfast. Wholeheartedly recommended.
- Andrew Payne

Brilliant B&B

I arrived with Delia by word of mouth, and I regularly pass on the same recommendation for others. This is a brilliant place to stay for BGS studies - Delia 100% gets the requirements/routines that go with the busy days and will do everything she can to help out. The accommodation is excellent and all facilities are on hand to be as at ease and prepared as possible. The breakfast is just the best and sets you up perfectly for the day. Delia, thank you.
- Tim Whitfield

Fantastic Place and Host

I stayed with Delia for an accelerator course and my mod 2 course. She was a fantastic host with a great breakfast. I was able to use her oven and microwave for my dinners which was great. The room was clean and very spacious, the WiFi was at good speed for my work.
- Hossain

By far the best!

This is the ideal place to stay whilst at BGS. Great rooms with amazing breakfast and at unbeatable price! Study areas and good WiFi. Delia is the perfect host.
- Callum Hives

A quiet place to study

Brinsea Farm is located about 15 minutes away from BGS (25 in the evening rush hour traffic). Delia was a perfect host and instantly makes you welcome. The farm is in a very quiet area and provides little distraction, making it a perfect location to study. Brinsea Farm appears to be used almost exclusively by EasyJet aircrew and BGS students. I paid for the room with ensuite (£35 per night). It doesn’t have a desk however you can use any of the space downstairs. There are plenty of tables to use in the dining room. There is also a common room, which in my opinion is much better place to study and is where I spent my evenings. Breakfast was served at 0730 although Delia is very flexible on timings. My only complaint is that there is no fibre WiFi due to the location(hence 4 stars). The WiFi is slow but is adequate if all you want to use it for is the question banks. I would definitely recommend Brinsea Farm to anyone attending BGS.
- Chris Gamble

Great Stay!

I have stayed at Brinsea Green Farm for all my three modules and exams in 2018. This B&B is great for having peace and quiet for your studies. Delia is such a great host and incredibly helpful. The breakfast in the morning is delicious! Will honestly miss this great place...
- Raffael Gyoergy


Delia is a delight. A farmhouse set within the countryside offering a tranquil setting to enable you to study in peace. Stayed here for all 3 modules over the course of a year and could not fault both the accommodation and small touches. During my Mod 3 module (February) Delia lit the fire in each day, in readiness from my day's at BGS! Perfect, cosy environment to enable you to study without being locked in your room. Very good value B&B with full use of the kitchen to make it a home from a home.
- Rob Chapman


Simply outstanding place. Fantastic hospitality.
- Andy

Outstanding accommodation

A perfect accommodation for students attending the brush up weeks at Bristol. Clean, spacious and Delia makes it feel home from home. Worth the few miles commute for the overall quality.
- Kevin MacCuish

Best place to stay!

Was like a holiday every time I was there. Stayed there every revision week and for my exam. Delia is lovely and cooks an amazing breakfast!!
- Declan Guthrie

Faultless accomodation

I have stayed here throughout my study, a total of 7 times. Lovely host, first class breakfast and clean bedrooms. All for a very cheap price.
- Tom Davis

Perfect accomodation

Delia is a fantastic host and her cooking is excellent. The farm is a 10 minute drive and is very easy to get to BGS. the accommodation is clean, cosy and very warm. As a city lad from Newcastle it's very refreshing and relaxing to be out in countryside and I found that it improved my study performance. there's plenty of local shops just 5 minutes in either direction and very easy to re-join the motorways to get home after it all. it's a bargain for all that's included. a lot of her regulars are airline pilots so it is great to sit down in the evening and make some connections. it is definitely somewhere I look forward to returning to when flying out of Bristol.
- Fabian Irimiea

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