ATPdigital 8 for Windows PC

NOTE: You need to uninstall any older versions of ATPdigital before installing ATPdigital 8

Installation instructions

  • Uninstall ATPdigital 6 if you currently have it on your PC (You cannot have 2 installations of ATPdigital on the same device)
  • Once you’ve downloaded the .zip file, extract the .msi and the .cab files into a new folder (the easiest way to do this is to drag and drop them out of the .zip folder onto your desktop)
  • Follow the steps in the Installation wizard to get the base application installed on your PC.
  • After the installation is complete, find ATPdigital on your desktop and click on the icon to open up the application
  • You will then be asked to enter your Account Number and Licence Key to activate your installation. These will have been sent to you in an email when you purchased the course. We recommend copying and pasting in the licence key to avoid any conflicts between O’s and 0’s or other similar characters. (You get two activations with your account, which can be used to install ATPdigital on either PC or Mac. If you run out of installations, email and we can add more installations onto your account for you.)
  • Once you’ve activated, you can sign into your account by entering your email address and the password you would have been emailed along with your Licence key and Account number.
  • The app will then download your profile before downloading the lessons in your first module.
  • Once the first module has been downloaded you can choose to either download all of the remaining lessons in your course or continue on to the Dashboard, so you can start studying the lessons in the first module.

If you have any questions, you can contact

How to use ATPdigital

Reinstalling ATPdigital?

Before uninstalling ATPdigital, you should check that all of your progress has been uploaded and saved to your account. Otherwise you risk deleting some of your progress along with your app when you uninstall.

If you are reinstalling the app, please email to request a copy of your records before you uninstall.

Once you’ve checked over the report they send you to see that all of your completed lessons/tests have been recorded, you should be safe to uninstall the app.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is there a difference between the % of questions I get correct and my exam score?

In the official EASA examinations questions are allocated marks, answers to some questions are worth more than others. This means that it is possible to answer more than 75% of the number of questions correctly but still fail the exam, as your score is below 75%. We follow the same rules, so very often the % of questions answered correctly and the score % are different figures.

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