BGS Student Stories – Florian Bruchez

Florian Bruchez

In this series of blogs, we hear from Bristol Groundschool students about their time studying with us, why they chose to become a pilot and what they’ve gone on to achieve since gaining their ATPL/CPL.

Florian Bruchez recently completed his ATPL(H) theory with Bristol Groundschool, inspired by the helicopters he witnessed whilst growing up in the Swiss Alps.

Here he shares his story about why he chose to become a helicopter pilot and his experience learning during the 2020 lockdown.


How did you get into flying?

I grew up in the middle of the Swiss Alps and spent a lot of time in the mountains. Since I was a kid I loved to watch helicopters moving in the air, coming to save lives, provisioning mountain lodges, working on construction sites… I’m a fan of helicopters, the way they fly and help people!  I always dreamed about flying, and helicopters for me was the most adapted machine to our mountainous region.

I started my PPL (H) in Switzerland in 2017. After I passed all the exams, I flew a lot with my friends and my family. I did my mountain rating and built my hours until I was able to begin my ATPL theory and practical CPL.

I started the course in January 2020. I was really motivated to work with the BGS app and books. The courses are complete with animations and pictures to help perfectly understand the topics. I booked my revision week in March… but you know… there was an unpredictable thing coming to make this a little bit funkier! The covid…


How did lockdown/covid restrictions affect your flight training?

We had to stop flying during 3-4 months when the first wave came. I took advantage of this to work my theory! For me who’s not too studious, that wasn’t that bad, that forced me to sit and work on my books!


What was your experience like with the BGS distance learning course?

I did my whole ATPL H in distance learning. The way BGS did distance learning was perfect. The teachers made lessons interesting, I’m more than happy with how it worked!


Why did you choose the modular rather than the integrated training route?

I haven’t enough time and money for an integrated training course, for me, the modular was the best option that will fit with my main job and my life.


What advice would you give students looking to start their training now?

Believe in your dream and do it!


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