BGS Student Stories – Jamie Tipling

Jamie Tipling

In this series of blogs, we hear from Bristol Groundschool students about their time studying with us, why they chose to become a pilot and what they’ve gone on to achieve since gaining their ATPL/CPL.

Jamie Tipling recently completed his ATPL(A) theory with Bristol Groundschool. Here he shares his story about why he chose to become a pilot, his experience of studying during the pandemic and the advice he’d give to students looking to start their pilot training now.


How did you get into flying?

My flying career kick-started back in the summer of 2011 when I was just 12 years old when I first took to the skies in a Cessna 150 as part of a birthday gift voucher from Newcastle Airport.

Since then, my passion for aviation grew and grew and it was that passion my parents had seen build up in me from day 1. They have since then, backed my flying journey to ensure my dream of reaching that right seat up front becomes a reality! It was not long after that first flight, that I visited the cockpit of a Thomas Cook 757 while I was flying from Newcastle to Cyprus. It was from that day I made it my mission to officially be in that right seat one day.


How did lockdown/covid restrictions affect your flight training?

The constant fear of the unknown and the effect covid was going to have on the industry really made me question whether it was going to be the right time for me to start flight training. Well, I couldn’t have been more wrong! In fact, COVID really pushed and motivated me to hit the ground running with the study and complete all my theory exams. After knuckling down, really focusing hard, and remaining extremely patient and for what felt like a complete lifetime from day 1 of studying back in January 2020, all of my EASA exams were finally over, and I was ready to start my CPL MEIR flight training in September 2021 with Adriana Aviation in Poland.


Why did you choose the modular rather than the integrated training route?

I chose the modular route over integrated as I really wanted to challenge myself with independently studying from home and also maintain a balanced lifestyle between studying and having some downtime. Downtime and a bit of relaxation during training certainly helped me maintain my focus and push my dream to continue flying alongside the exams.


What was your experience of studying the BGS distance learning course?

If I had to sum my experience up in 2 words with BGS, it would be ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC. Each and every one of the instructors at BGS are so totally devoted to each of their students’ success. With the ability to join online webinars, ask questions via email and at the end of each webinar, it certainly got me to where I am now and without the team at BGS, my success story wouldn’t quite be as fantastic as it is now! Thank you BGS!


What advice would you give students looking to start their training now?

My advice to future students starting their training now would be to never give up. Aviation is certainly back on the rise now after what has been a terrible effect on the day-to-day operations of the industry and it will only get better. Stay focused, motivated, and determined to succeed, and like I say, never give up because one day you will make it just like I have because it is all 100% possible. And most of all, I hope one day to see you all on the Boeing 737 flight deck.


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