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If you have any problems with the ATPdigital application, you’ll find FAQs and Troubleshooting guides on these pages:

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I’m an ATPdigital user and my BGS Online subscription has run out.

As an ATPdigital user you are entitled to 12 months free access to BGS Online from the date that you enrolled on the course. After that period you can purchase an extension to your subscription. Just log onto BGS Online as normal and go to my account. You will get a 50% discount for your first renewal.

There are differences between the content of my printed notes and ATPdigital?

We frequently need to amend the course content to correct errors, to react to changes in the syllabus or to cover material differently in response to exam question feedback. Changes made to the CBT are distributed automatically and so will appear in your version of ATPdigital in as little as 12 hours from us making the change. It is not practical to amend copies of the manuals already distributed, so changes made in the CBT may differ from your printed manuals, if you have them as part of your course. We ensure, during your revision course, that you are made aware of the latest course updates.

I have spotted an error in or omission from the course materials.

We really appreciate feedback. We strive to make the materials as accurate and up-to-date as possible, and so welcome your input if we have not got it right. Please advise us by emailing, if you have not already done so.