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Our Private Pilot Licence theory course contains everything you need to pass your PPL exams first time.

Learn your PPL theory with guided lessons on each of the 9 PPL subjects, with exam-style quizzes to test your knowledge.

Built-in study guides on each PPL subject means there’s no need to buy additional books to revise.

Developed by Bristol Groundschool’s team of expert instructors, our private pilot licence course can be downloaded on PC, Mac or iPad – learn and revise on the go, wherever you are.

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Included with our Private Pilot Licence Theory Course

✓ Guided lessons on every PPL theory subject

Work your way through lessons for each of the 9 PPL subjects, tailored to reflect the PPL learning objectives.

Get an in-depth understanding of each topic with detailed explanations, images, and diagrams.


✓ Learn and revise from anywhere with ATPdigital

ATPdigital is Bristol Groundschool’s bespoke training software which can be downloaded on PC, Mac, or iPad.

Study and revise online or offline from anywhere, at any time.


✓ Test your PPL theory knowledge

Built-in tests and end-of-lesson quizzes are presented in an exam-style format.

Watch your knowledge grow and track your progress using ATPdigital’s student dashboard.


✓ Sharpen up with study guides

There’s no need to buy extra books to learn or revise with our built-in study guides for each of the 9 PPL subjects.

Perfect for sharpening your knowledge to help you hit exam day with confidence.

Applicable to the EASA and UK CAA PPL syllabus │ Just £187 for the full PPL theory course – no hidden extra fees

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Brian Carlin Private Pilot Licence PPL Student

“I’ve used several resources to work with towards my PPL exams and yours was the best one I purchased. What I liked was that you guys have nailed the key points into something easy to digest and to understand. 

I have now passed my EASA PPL (A) exams and I’ve also just completed the practical check ride and I’m now a private pilot.

Thanks for your help and resource material in helping me pass my exams.”

Brian Carlin – PPL Student


“I have been using the BGS PPL and studied various subjects including Navigation which is tricky. I really like the computer-based training material, and find the course content and the quizzes to be excellent. Hopefully it will help me blitz my 9 exams in the next month.

The system split by subject,  followed by short, then longer quizzes keeps you focussed and helps the learning experience. Also, I find the course materials pretty practical.  I am enjoying the learning experience.”

Doug Halkett – PPL Student


“I’ve found the course really detailed, the content is great and the tests after each lesson have been supportive.” 

Ankita – PPL Student


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Please note that a BGSonline subscription is not included with our PPL theory course.


Plane flying over white cliffs for Private Pilot Licence lesson

PPL theory examinations and obtaining your private pilot licence

There is no formal ground school requirement associated with PPL theory training. Therefore you can book your exams with either the UK CAA or your chosen EASA state once you are ready to sit them.

The PPL examination duration and the number of questions vary significantly between examining authorities.  Most require you to sit 9 examinations, but in some states, the subjects Air Law and Operational Procedures are examined together and in other states, all examinations must be taken on the same day.  You have 18 months to pass all the exams, starting at the end of the calendar month in which you pass your first exam. You are allowed a maximum of four attempts per exam.

Once you have passed all nine exams, you must apply to have your licence issued within two years of passing your final exam – otherwise, you will have to resit them all. You will also need to get a Flight Radio Telephony Operators Licence (FRTOL) by passing a practical Radio Telephony test, and a Class 1 or Class 2 aviation medical certificate.


Studying the BGS PPL Course

An introduction to studying PPL using our computer based training material (CBT).


The Private Pilot’s Licence (PPL theory) modules

There are nine subjects in the PPL theory syllabus, each one is assessed by an exam. You must pass all nine exams to gain your PPL.

  • Air Law – covering the rules and regulations governing aviation
  • Aircraft General Knowledge (AGK) – including aircraft design and systems, instrumentation, electrics, engines, and emergency equipment
  • Flight Planning & Performance – learn how to do important pre-flight calculations to ensure you have sufficient fuel, runway length, and so on
  • Human Performance & Limitations (HPL) – covering the psychological and physiological effects of flight
  • Meteorology – learn what causes different weather conditions, how they affect flight, and how to interpret aviation forecasts
  • Navigation – basic navigation theory and use of electronic navigation aids
  • Operational Procedures (OP) – covers the standard procedures that you must follow when operating aircraft
  • Principles of Flight (PoF) – aerodynamics, how aircraft fly, and how different variables affect lift and drag
  • Communications – how to communicate using radiotelephony

Many pilots opt to study the PPL theory in three or more blocks or modules, reducing the number of exams attempted at each sitting.


Private Pilot Licence FAQs

How difficult are these subjects and exams?
Learning how to fly a plane isn’t easy, but it is exciting! Our training software, ATPdigital, gives you all the knowledge you need to pass your theory exams – guiding you through your learning step by step with tests at the end of each lesson.

How much time will it take me to complete the study?
This depends mainly on your existing knowledge and the amount of time you can dedicate each week to studying. Each of the nine modules typically requires a minimum of around eight to twelve hours of study to get exam ready.

Do I have to complete the exams before starting flight training?
No, you can study in parallel with your practical flight training.  Some would say this is the best option because the theory that you learn can immediately be applied in the real world.

Does our PPL course include any ground school tuition?

Our course does not include any tuition. The course is studied using our e-learning software ATPdigital which contains lessons and progress tests to help you learn your PPL theory.

What are the hardware requirements?
Our training software, ATPdigital, runs on any modern Windows, Mac or iPad device.

Will I get a certificate upon completion?

Yes, we provide (upon request) completion certificates for students who purchase and complete our PPL CBT course. To request your PPL CBT course completion certificate, please contact our team at [email protected].

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Read our FAQ guide about PPL theory and exams.

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