ATPdigital CBT and Manuals (individual subjects)


Includes the CBT and printed manual version of each subject. The manuals are printed on high quality paper and come in a choice of Bristol Groundschool ring binders or Bound manuals.

If you are not an existing ATPdigital licence holder (v6.0 or newer), you’ll need to purchase a licence, which costs £100. This cost also includes 12 months free access to our online question bank, BGS Online. If you are an existing ATPdigital customer, then select the option without a licence. You only need one licence, no matter how many subjects you choose.

For some subjects the course materials refer to CAA publications (CAPs) (Performance, Flight Planning and Monitoring, Mass and Balance) and the Jeppensen Student Pilot Route Manual (Operational Procedures, Radio Navigation and General Navigation). Note, current Jeppesen charts and plates will not be of any use to you; the versions produced specifically for the EASA exams are necessary and, if you are sitting the examinations, you will need your own unmarked copy.

For General Navigation you’ll also need navigation equipment such as protractors, and a CRP-5 Navigation Computer.

Finally, you’ll need an electronic calculator; of an approved type if you are intending to take EASA examinations.

You may purchase all or any of these items by adding them to this order at checkout.