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About Revision Weeks

Revision week bookings will close 11 days before the start date of the course (1600 UTC Thursday).

Students who are following our approved courses must attend a revision week either online or in-person for each module of training. ATPdigital lessons and tests must be completed for the module you are studying prior to revision course attendance.

Classroom training is defined as any ‘live’ instructor-led training, whether the students attend in-person or online. We offer classroom training in two forms:

Students who are following our approved courses must attend a revision week either online or in-person for each module of training. ATPdigital lessons and tests must be completed for the module you are studying prior to revision course attendance.

BGS students also have access to training videos which include recordings of webinars and revision sessions.  Watching these does not count as attendance, as the regulatory requirement is that classroom training is interactive with student participation.

Please note that during the pandemic, we had a concession that allowed students on approved courses to use webinars to count towards the classroom instruction requirements, and to allow students to sit the examinations when they have achieved the minimum classroom time allowed by the regulations.  This concession has been withdrawn, so we have reverted to the requirements our approval is based on.

Note, you are eligible to attend webinars for the modules you have purchased. If you book a webinar for a module you have not yet purchased, you will not be able to gain access.

Purpose of Revision Weeks

The purpose of revision weeks is to consolidate your training, correct any misunderstandings, and prepare you for the exams. Instructors are also able to inform you of recent developments in the exams that may not have made their way into the course materials. Many students will plan to attend then sit their exams at the next opportunity.

Unlike the webinars, the pace is fast, and you will be expected to have completed the CBT course and have a broad understanding of the subjects. These weeks are about putting on the final polish and helping you with exam technique, rather than teaching you the subject from scratch. Therefore, it is a requirement that you have completed all the lessons and progress tests in the module before attending. We will check and will ask you to reschedule if you are unable to complete your training in time. This is to meet our regulatory obligations, for the sake of other students who are well prepared and yourself; to get the most out of the revision week you need to be prepared.

The revision weeks are designed for ATPL students. If you are studying for the CPL, IR, CB-IR(A) or BIR exams, you may attend the relevant parts of the revision week. We recommend that you discuss your requirements with our training advisor before making your booking.

In-Person and Online Revision Weeks

We’re currently running our revision weeks online and in person.  In 2022, we are introducing some combined in-person and online revision weeks where there will be limited places available, on a first-come, first-served basis, for students to attend the week at our Clevedon training centre in the UK, near Bristol Airport.

If you have purchased an approved course, it will include one revision week per module; you may attend in-person (subject to availability) or online.

Dates and Times of Revision Weeks

Revision weeks are planned many months ahead, although the detailed timetable is released about 2 months in advance. You may register well in advance and be certain of your booking, as long as you complete your study before attending. They run from Monday to Friday (except the module 3 helicopter weeks which run over 4 days).

Please note that you will be expected to attend all sessions, which run from approximately 08:25 to 16:45 UK time daily (the exact times will be in the timetable for each week). In exceptional circumstances, you may apply to the Head of Training for a dispensation; however, this is not usual or guaranteed, will be dependent on your progress and performance, and you will still need to meet the regulatory minimum classroom training requirement. We want you to pass your exams, and 30 years of experience tells us that the revision weeks are critical to exam success.

Some revision weeks are planned to run through public holidays.

If you need to pay for a revision course, please telephone the office to make payment (+44(0)275 340444). When we have received your payment, we will confirm your place on the course. Requests received that require payment will be declined.


Book Live Webinars

Fixed Wing Webinars                    Helicopter Webinars


Book In-Person Revision Weeks

In-Person Fixed Wing Revision Week              In-Person Helicopter Revision Week


Book Online Revision Weeks

Online Fixed Wing Revision Week                    Online Helicopter Revision Week



Order of Modules Studied

Fixed Wing courses should be studied consecutively, i.e. Module 1, 2, and finally Module 3. For Helicopter courses, Module 2 and 3 can be studied in either order but Module 1 should be studied first.


Online Attendance

When you book online, you will be booking for a recurring Zoom session, so the same login details work for each teaching session. You will be expected to have video and audio, so please be prepared. It is important that you are in a suitable environment to study effectively.

These are intensive live instructional sessions which you will need to give your full attention to just as you would if you attended in person. The sessions are interactive. The instructor will take a register during each teaching session and will be asking questions.

Please ensure that you are in a suitable environment and can concentrate on the process. If you drop out or fail to respond, you will be logged out of the session and your attendance recorded accordingly.

Our online and in-person revision weeks run on the same dates apart from module 3 which is run exclusively online.

It is a CAA and EASA requirement that students attending classes online (Revision weeks)  must have working microphones and cameras to participate in the class, if not, the attendance will not satisfy the classroom time for FCL purposes.

Book online revision weeks here.


In-Person Attendance

We are now able to offer in-person attendance again with limited spaces. The sessions will be run both online and in person. Please turn up on time, especially on Monday; the sessions will start on time and it is unfair to others to cause disruption by turning up late. There is a list of local accommodation on this page.

Please note that when you book below, you will receive an automated acknowledgment by email, but your place on the course will not be confirmed until you receive a further email from us to that effect.



Accommodation and Parking near BGS

Available parking spaces at Bristol Groundschool

There are limited on-site parking spaces (21). Please see the image for the area available to park on-site, highlighted red. If you have a motorcycle, please park next to the building rather than in a car space.

There is also free parking available on nearby roads; however, please do not mount pavements to park, even if you see other vehicles parked that way; it is common for vehicles parked on the pavement to attract parking tickets and they restrict access for good vehicles.

If you find you are staying at the same accommodation as another student, please share lifts if you are both driving.

There is plenty of local accommodation and amenities near Bristol Groundschool. There is a Tesco supermarket and fueling station 10 minutes walk away from the school. For details about the accommodation near Bristol Groundschool, please see our list of recommended accommodation here.



Cancelling or Changing your Course Booking

Cancellation or changes to an in-person revision course booking must be given in writing no less than 4 weeks prior to the course start date, 2 weeks’ notice for online revision courses. A charge of £450 for each module will be made for a cancellation with less than the stated T&C’s.

No refund will be payable if revision courses are not attended within 18 months of course purchase date.

Booking and sitting your exams with Austro Control

CAA Exam information



In-Person Fixed Wing Revision Weeks

Please note that Module 3 revision weeks are only available online. View our online revision courses here.

In-Person Helicopter Revision Weeks

Please note that Module 3 revision weeks are only available online. View our online revision courses here.