Revision Courses

Each module has a distance learning phase followed by a classroom revision week, which is held Monday to Friday* at our premises in Clevedon, North Somerset (near Bristol Airport); normally the week before the UK CAA exam dates.

The purpose of the intensive Revision course is to consolidate your learning, correct any misunderstandings and prepare you for the exams. Much of the time is spent working through practice papers and debriefing your results so there is very little time to cover new material. While intensive, the results speak for themselves – most Bristol Groundschool students pass all the exams first time.

Prior to attending the Revision course, it is a CAA requirement that you must have passed all your ATPdigital lessons and progress tests. To get the best out of the Revision Course, you must have completed and thoroughly revised your self-study material. If everything has been completed honestly, you will be well prepared.

* Module 3 Helicopter course is a 4-day Revision Course.

Order of modules studied
Fixed Wings revision courses should be studied consecutively, i.e. Module 1, 2 and finally Module 3. For Helicopter revision courses, Module 2 and 3 can be studied in either order but Module 1 should be studied first.

Accelerator Days

With our 3 module ATPL(A) and ATPL(H)/IR courses we also offer Accelerator Days also conducted at our Clevedon training centre, are a free addition to the FULL course*.

The accelerator days are there to supplement the Revision Courses and to enhance your understanding through the modules. The accelerator days provide face to face instruction, concentrating on the more difficult subject areas. We suggest that the accelerator days should be taken roughly halfway through each module, especially as some of the material will be repeated in the Revision Courses.

We recommend students take the opportunity to attend the days to build confidence in a particular subject, and to clear up any areas that you just don’t understand. Each student is entitled to two free days for each module purchased; however, we recognise that different students want help with different subjects so you can pick and mix the accelerators to suit your needs, and if you require additional days you are able to purchase them if you desire.

Accelerator Days, cost £132 per day or part day; 6 days are included free with the ATPL(A) 3 module course, 2 days per module.

*(Full course costs £2,350.00 excluding shipping, each module can be purchased separately).



Please arrive on the first day of the Revision Course or Accelerator Day before 08:45. The Revision Courses runs from 08:50 until approximately 17:00 each day thereafter. Some Revision Courses run through public holidays and you will be expected to attend each day. You will complete the Revision Course on a Friday and may sit your exams the following week by booking your exams with the CAA at least 72 hours before sitting your first exam, but we recommend you book your exams at least two-three months in advance to get the dates and venue you would like.

If you wish to sit your exams under a different EASA state you must seek the approval of that state to do so.

Booking a Revision course

To book a course, please choose a date from the list below.

If you need to pay for an Accelerator Day(s) or Revision Course booking, please book your place below then once you have a place confirmed you will receive an email asking you to pay if you need to do so.

Please note that when you book below, you will receive an automated acknowledgement by email, but your place on the course will not be confirmed until you receive a further email from us to that effect.

Cancelling or changing your course booking
If you cancel or change your booking, please provide us with a minimum of 6 weeks written notice or a cancellation charge of £800 for module 1 and £575 for module 2 or 3 for a one-week revision course or £132 for each Accelerator Day will apply.

Booking and sitting your CAA exams.

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