Adam Williams

The whole experience with Bristol Groundschool has been fantastic. They go above and beyond the excellent theory training they provide.

The training material BGS has produced is very high quality, with plenty of schematics and diagrams to help with more difficult topics. Each of the instructors knows their subject(s) inside and out, and they are always happy to spend extra time answering queries.

It is clear that BGS wants to produce candidates who have a good understanding of the ATPL subjects, which certainly helps when it comes to practical flight training.

The team were very helpful in answering licensing queries I had regarding my ICAO conversion process, and the flexibility of being able to attend online webinars was invaluable considering I began the licence conversion process from abroad.

Despite the difficult nature of the ATPL theory exams, I thoroughly enjoyed the training process with BGS; they are the best in the business!

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