Ben Bowker

Bristol really put together a fantastic package for the Revision Weeks with top notch instructors and great material, it’s then when everything really comes together.

I’m a huge advocate of the modular training route. Bristol Groundschool worked for me. The quality of their books, online training and question bank made it easier for me to organise my study and made it far less painful than it may otherwise have been if I had not studied with them. The modules were really well structured and the technical detail was made easy to understand.

When I got to the Revision Weeks, and I’m sure 99% would agree, Bristol really put together a fantastic package with top notch instructors and its then when it really comes together. By the end of the Revision Weeks you really are ready for the exams. A lot of hard work but quite enjoyable too.

After totting up my training cost from 0 – ATPL, I have spent around £40K which has been spread over a number of years, so for me, coming from what I would call an average financial background has been demanding yes, but achievable. Also, if you’re able to work alongside your training, any debts you do pick up will be able to be paid off far quicker, so you’re not having to wait until you start your first airline job before you begin to pay back any borrowed money.

Distance learning is hard enough so make sure you have the best materials, support and instructors and use a school, like Bristol Groundschool that has proven it works.

I started my pilot career with Jet2 as a pilot apprentice. That consisted of 12 months on the ground. The first 2 months were spent in various departments at the head office in Leeds, 2 months flying as cabin crew, then the remainder of the time working as a crew room assistant preparing flight paperwork for crews and looking after general logistics. After all of that Jet2 bonded my type rating on the Boeing 737-800 and I am now flying as a first officer based at Manchester.

The Jet2 Pilot Apprentice scheme is a fabulous opportunity for low hour pilots to get themselves involved in the industry. You have the opportunity to learn about all parts of the airline business and gain a good understanding of how each different department knits together to run a successful airline. All of that background information is particularly valuable when you finally get to fly in the right hand seat!

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