Duncan Grocott

I chose the modular route as I have a full time demanding job. Flexibility and distance learning was key for me.

I did a fair amount of research before choosing Bristol Ground School. The time and effort you invest in studying and succeeding is significant. Choosing the right school is a key. I can honestly say this has been one of the best decisions I have made.

The whole process from signing up and receiving log in details was fast and straightforward. The online platform with detailed teaching material, explanations and animations along with regular progress checks and tests really does help build your knowledge.

The revision weeks at the end of each module were a particular highlight as these significantly help consolidate knowledge and prepare you for the exams. Covid meant the last revision week for me was online. I was surprised at how well this worked, with a high level of engagement and participation in a virtual classroom.

So what did I learn throughout the process?

There are no short cuts in this. You really do need to learn your stuff AND practice using various question banks. The banks compliment your learning and help with question styles etc…but you need to know your stuff. I used a variety of question banks but found BGS to offer the most comprehensive worked and explained answers to questions. (It doesn’t help if you get a question wrong…but don’t understand why!)

From my experience, what has set BGS apart is the quality and dedication of the staff at every level, from administration to teaching. The subject leaders are seasoned pros (All are current or former pilots and engineers) who have a passion for their subject matter and an equal passion to impart knowledge and prepare you for the exams.

Make no mistakes, I found the exams tough going…but that’s because they are tough. That said, with an average mark of 91%, dedication and hard work pays off. What has made the difference for me has been the quality of the teaching material and the outstanding team who have supported and guided me throughout. Their passion is infectious!

If you are planning to invest in doing your ATPL exams, I cannot recommend BGS more highly.

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