Dyf Gibbs

Before I had got a quarter of my way through my PPL I had decided I would be using BGS for my ATPL’s. The flexibility of the course and reputation of the company made the choice an easy one. Little did I know at the time I would be lucky enough to become one of the team a few months later. I am and always will be immensely proud of having been part of the BGS team as it’s a fantastic company with a great student centric ethos. From top to bottom the focus is on the quality and effectiveness of the course and the student experience.

Personally I worked 9-5 contributing to that experience whilst studying, solely from BGS material (I used the holy trinity of printed manuals, ATPdigital and BGSonline), in the evenings and weekends. Doing so allowed me to maintain an income to support my family and successfully complete this important stage of training at the same time. It took me 12 months exactly start to finish. I also did most of my hour building in this time too – incomprehensible with any other ATO or route.

My success is attributed to Alex and his team’s drive to continually improve the quality of the course, the fathomless depth of knowledge amongst the instructors alongside their teaching skills and the care and dedication, to the company and its students, of the rest of the BGS team.

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