Florian Bruchez

I started my PPL (H) in Switzerland in 2017. After I passed all the exams, I flew a lot with my friends and my family. I did my mountain rating and built my hours until I was able to begin my ATPL theory and practical CPL. I started the first course in January 2020. I was really motivated to work with the BGS app and books. The courses are complete with animations and pictures to help perfectly understand the topics. I booked my revision week in March… but you know… there was an unpredictable thing coming to make this a little bit more funky! The covid…

That was the beginning of a stressful period. I wasn’t sure if it will be possible to continue further with BGS, or if it will be possible to go to Bristol for the in person learning… thankfully, the whole team make a huge effort so remote learning would work for us. Everything went perfectly well. I did the whole ATPL in distance learning from my home. I did my examinations with AustroControl in Innsbruck, the closest place from my home.

I heard a lot of good feedback from this school before I started and now I can confirm that! Thanks BGS Team!

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