Joe Bar (Yoav Bar Shlomo)

When I was looking for a ground school to do my ATPL(A), many people told me I should really consider BGS, and they were absolutely right!

It turned out that I started the process just before the start of the COVID 19 pandemic.

I know that many schools did not have a good innovative solution for this new situation we all had to deal with, however, BGS was handling this new era – in an ideal way!

All of the staff did amazing work, with both technical and logistical support, and with professional content of teaching on live webinars and revision courses!

Special thanks to Matt, Chris, JJ, Alex, John, Noush, George, and many more amazing team members of BGS!

Thanks to each of you, I completed the entire process with very good results.  A word for the student pilots – Keep up with the hard work, It`s worth it, and one day you will complete all of the tasks and exams, and you will be very happy and proud!

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