Jonathan Cormack

The printed materials are very high quality with good images throughout. It made them easy to read and, even for a non-physics / maths type like me, accessible and understandable. Whilst travelling being able to access the course on the iPad or laptop was equally easy.

Whilst most study is distance learning; the face-to-face tuition is first class. The Accelerator weekends that BGS runs for the trickier subjects are to be highly recommended.

Bristol Groundschool’s team of instructors are very engaging, mostly ex-military, with good stories that bring subjects to life and lighten the drier elements of any course.

They genuinely care about their students, are accessible via phone/ email if there are any questions and it makes for a good atmosphere and learning environment. The revision weeks are also brilliant: everyone teaching really knows their stuff.

Lastly, the BGS Online question bank is invaluable. It is the most comprehensive and up-to-date question bank around.

I’d wholeheartedly recommend BGS as your approved training provider. I am currently flying corporate jets with Centreline. A dream job.

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