Paul Ryan

I would totally recommend Bristol Groundschool – 14 first time passes and over 90% exam average, all while working full-time in less than 12 months, what more could you ask for. Bristol Groundschool deliver high quality training and go the extra mile to support each and every student.

Bristol Groundschool is excellent, the computer-based training software, ATPdigital is fantastic, it gives you structured learning and daily study targets based on your desired completion date. Couple this with the Revision Weeks that are delivered by highly experienced instructors.

If you complete the computer-based course, attend the Revision Weeks and complete the work given while you are at the Ground School you can be confident of passing your exams. Without the structured content of the Bristol course and high level of training from the staff I would not have been able to work and study at the same time.

I chose the modular training path as I feel it is better for students who are self-funding their training, having the ability to do each part as finances allow is a big plus.

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