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PPL Training Material ATPdigital
ATPdigital dashboard (left) as viewed on a laptop and lessons (right and bottom) viewed on a tablet

Gaining a PPL is the first step for many seeking to one day become a commercial airline pilot. Many flight schools across the UK and Europe still depend on older, outdated PPL training material, such as textbooks and e-books, to deliver PPL theory training due, in part, to the lack of high-quality computer-based training materials available to teach PPL theory.

With this in mind, Bristol Groundschool has developed a new and engaging way to teach PPL students the theory they’ll need to know for flying and passing their exams, delivered entirely online using our computer-based training software, ATPdigital. 

ATPdigital is the complete PPL training material solution with a modern, user-friendly interface, that guides students through the 9 PPL subjects with detailed explanations, images and diagrams. At the end of each lesson, students test their knowledge with exam-style, multiple-choice questions, each with a detailed explanation as to why each answer is correct.

The built-in study guide replaces the need for textbooks as students are easily able to access the information they need for their revision.

PPL Training Material ATPdigital admin dashboard
The admin dashboard gives instructors an overview of how each student is progressing in their studies

ATPdigital can be downloaded on iPad, Windows and Mac, giving your student the option to revise on the go, wherever they are, without the need for an internet connection.

Our digital learning resources are backed up by a powerful web-based admin system, giving you the option to track how each of your students performs against their test questions as they progress through their studies.

Your team can create their own tests and mock exams for individual students or classes of students based on areas where they require additional practice. These tests can be delivered through the ATPdigital App or printed out for in-person learning.

When you start a relationship with Bristol Groundschool, you’re never alone. We believe in working together with our training partners to help them offer a comprehensive and effective learning experience for their students. Your school will be fully supported by our account manager and backed up by our world-class technical and instructor team. If you need assistance, we will be there for you.


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