Training FAQ’s

Should I study the CPL or ATPL course?

In most cases we recommend the ATPL course and exams as this is the highest level of theory giving you all options available at the end of your training. If you are certain that you do not need this level of qualification, for example your aim is to become an Instructor the CPL course and exams will be sufficient.


How long do I have to pass my exams?

You have 18 months from the date of your first exam sitting to pass all exams. This is relevant to ATPL, CPL and IR exams.


How long are my exams valid for?

For 36 months from the date of your last exam pass for the issue of a CPL and IR. Once an IR or Helicopter type rating has been entered on the licence the passes are frozen for a 7-year period for the issue of an ATPL.


Will my course expire?

No, but you may need to upgrade your training material if it has been a long period of time or there has been a significant syllabus change. Your online revision weeks remain in place to book once you are ready to attend. Bear in mind you need to sit your exams within 12 months of revision week attendance if you are studying an approved course.


When does my BGS online subscription start and how can I access it?

A 12-month subscription to the BGSonline question bank is included with our courses. The 12-month subscription starts from the date of course enrolment. A 50% discount is applied on your first renewal. The login details will be in the initial emails from us, on most occasions the details are the same as your ATPdigital login.


When is the best time to book my online revision week and exams?

Now that our courses are delivered online there is less chance of your chosen course being full. We still recommend at least three months’ notice when booking your revision week to ensure you get the booking of your choice. Similar notice will be required to book the exams, most students sit their exams the week after the revision week, so to avoid disappointment we would recommend booking these at a similar time.


What study materials will I need during the course?

You will need a CRP-5 navigation computer and a scientific calculator throughout the course for multiple subjects. A Jeppesen student route manual will be required for the subjects General Navigation and Flight planning. The Civil Aviation Publications (CAP’s) for Mass & Balance, Flight Planning and Performance. You will find a compass and protractor useful during General Navigation for chart work and measuring angles. We would recommend the study kit that contains all of the items required to study and sit the exams as it is cheaper than purchasing them individually.


Is there a difference between purchasing the full course or by module?

There is no difference in what you receive, so you can choose the option that suits you. We offer this option to give students the opportunity to spread the cost of the course. When you purchase module 1 you will get webinar access, the module 1 syllabus on ATPdigital, 12 months BGSonline subscription and the module 1 online revision week. When you purchase module 2 and 3 the lessons will be added to your ATPdigital account and the online revision week will be available for you to book.


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