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When it comes to ATPL, you want your students to enjoy access to the best learning materials available. Aviation Training Organisations across the globe count on Bristol Groundschool to provide ATPL training materials that are regularly updated and proven to inspire exam success. Our full suite of learning materials covers the whole ATPL syllabus and is suitable for integrated, modular and even home learning. Let’s train tomorrow’s pilots together.

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Across the globe, Bristol Groundschool supplies more flight schools with ATPL theory materials than any other ground school. We are so confident in our ATPL learning platform that we will give you full access for free. No credit card details needed, no strings attached. Try it for a month or so and see how you get on. Just get in touch and we will create an account that you can begin using right away. Let’s get started.

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Designed to help students thrive

Students take in more knowledge when the learning materials are engaging. That’s why we have built computer-based materials that inspire thought. The package is called ATPdigital – and it includes animated diagrams, videos, progress tests and performance trackers. Students are guided through their studies step-by-step, with illuminating learning content that helps to build a greater understanding of the complex theoretical concepts related to ATPL training. All of the ATPdigital learning materials can be downloaded to iPad as well as Windows and Mac laptops for flexible learning on the fly.

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Help your students get exam ready

You want your students to achieve the best results they can. BGSonline is a database of more than 15,000 multiple choice ATPL exam questions. Updated regularly by our experts, it allows your students to test their knowledge across the ATPL syllabus – with questions that are backed up with detailed explanations and diagrams.

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Monitor student progress with ease

Our digital learning resources are backed up by a powerful web-based admin system. It tracks how each of your students is performing against quiz questions as they progress through their study modules. Your team can access student performance metrics to see who may need extra support in certain areas to get exam ready. Or create sets of questions and mock exams for specific students based on areas where they require additional practice. You can send the questions digitally or print them out for in-person learning.


NOW AVAILABLE – 100% online ATPL theory training solution

We also offer school’s a complete online ATPL theory training package, using our experienced instructors. This can be delivered under your, or our, approvals with built-in live and pre-recorded classroom presentations (webinars) and online revision courses. This option enables your students to complete their ATPL theory, in their own country and/or at your school.

As part of our training package, we can provide you and your students with online access to over 200 hours of pre-recorded webinars covering every corner of the ATPL syllabus. Your students can also dial in to live classroom presentations hosted by Bristol Groundschool’s expert instructors. And we host live revision weeks to get students exam ready too.

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Our aim is to help you offer a comprehensive and imaginative learning experience to your students. If you ever need any assistance with the provision of an ATPL course, we are here to help. Got a question right now? Get in touch.

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Remember: you can get full access to our ATPL learning platform for free. Try it for a month or so and see how you get on.

Get in touch and we will create a demo account that you can begin reviewing right away. Let’s get started.



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