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Aviation Theory Training Materials for ATOs

For ATPL(A & H), CPL(A & H), IR, CB-IR, BIR, PPL(A) and ATPL Conversions

When it comes to pilot theory training, you want your students to enjoy access to the best learning materials available.

Aviation Training Organisations across the globe count on Bristol Groundschool to provide training materials that are regularly updated and proven to inspire exam success.

We have the unique ability to update our training materials (and our BGSonline question bank) as a result of running one of the biggest ground schools in UK & Europe.

Bristol Groundschool is the only aviation theory content provider that also delivers online and in-person training to students. This enables us to continually update and improve our material based on real student feedback from the exams.

Our full suite of learning materials covers the whole ATPL syllabus and is suitable for integrated, modular and even home learning. Let’s train tomorrow’s pilots together.

Discover why 100+ schools use Bristol Groundschool as their training material provider


Why Choose Bristol Groundschool?

We understand that it’s vitally important for you to provide the best training material to your students to ensure exam success – that’s why we developed our pioneering training software, ATPdigital.

Backed up and continuously updated by our in-house team of experienced instructors, ATPdigital provides your students with an immersive and engaging learning experience.

We are so confident in our learning platform that we will give you a free demo to try for yourself.

✓ Modern computer-based learning software ATPdigital

✓ Animated diagrams, videos & continual testing

✓ Monitor your students’ progress with the tutor dashboard

✓ 12 months access to our question bank BGSonline*

✓ Continually updated by BGS’s team of instructors

✓ Backed up by our powerful admin and reporting system

✓ Download ATPdigital onto PC, Mac or iPad

✓ Bespoke syllabus and branding for your school’s needs

*(excluding PPL)


Pioneering Pilot Theory Training Software – ATPdigital

Students take in more knowledge when the learning materials are engaging.

That’s why we have built our computer-based training software, ATPdigital, to inspire thought and encourage a deeper understanding of each topic.


What does our training package include?

ATPdigital includes interactive lessons to make studying immersive and engaging with the help of animated diagrams, videos, progress tests and performance trackers.

Your students track their progress through the course with the student dashboard, highlighting anything that they have yet to do before finishing the module.

Each of your students will receive a free 12 month subscription to BGSonline (worth £160/€187) question bank to assist them in revising for their exams. BGSonline includes over 15,000+ questions with the ability to filter questions by subject, topic or keyword.


For your students

Students are guided through their studies step-by-step, with illuminating learning content that helps to build a greater understanding of the complex theoretical concepts related to aviation training.

Built-in tests make sure your students have a complete understanding of each topic before they continue on with their course. Test results show instantly and are compiled on their student dashboard with a view of their course progress.

ATPdigital can be downloaded onto PC, Mac or iPad and syncs progress over WiFi, enabling your students to work online or offline from anywhere.


For your school and instructors

Backed up by a powerful web-based admin system, Our management reporting system tracks how each student is performing allowing you to monitor their progress as they progress through their modules.

Access student performance metrics to see who may need extra support to get exam ready.

Ability to create sets of questions and mock exams for specific students based on areas where they require additional practice, these can be sent digitally or printed off for in-person learning.

We work together with our training partners to help them offer a comprehensive and effective learning experience for their students. Your school will be fully supported by our account manager and backed up by our world-class technical and instructor team.


Bespoke for your school

You have the freedom to teach the subjects in any order you wish; we can create a bespoke syllabus for your school. Our software works around you. And, of course, the study materials cover all EASA Learning Objectives.

Our courseware is developed by our expert team, we write our own course materials that delve deeper into key topics.

Students develop a deeper understanding of their subjects which prepares them to deal with different types of exam questions more effectively.


Also Available – The Online ATPL Training Solution

In addition to our ATPdigital software, we’re able to offer your school a complete 100% online ATPL theory training solution using our team of experienced instructors – leaving you to focus on the flight training.

This can be delivered under your, or our, approvals, and includes:

Access to our live webinars, presented each week by our team of expert instructors on various ATPL subjects.

Watch over 200+ hours of recorded classroom presentations (recorded webinars) on each of the 13 ATPL subjects.

Online revision courses are also available for your students to brush up on their knowledge before they sit their exams.

This option enables your students to complete their ATPL theory, in their own country and/or at your school.


But don’t just take our word for it…

“We have been a partner of Bristol Groundschool since we opened our flight school in 2009.

We chose to use their training material because of their reputation in the industry and also personal knowledge of their system. Based on our experience and student exam results, we are very happy and will continue to choose Bristol GS for our students!

We highly recommend flight schools to partner with Bristol Groundschool and use their high-quality training material.

Isabella Herl, Skyflight Air Academy


“I changed to Bristol Groundschool and my TKIs have been most complimentary. They love the graphics and videos in the CBT, which make difficult and confusing subjects exceptionally clear.

I have also had excellent feedback from students. As CTKI I have also had superb backup from the technical team at BGS. Any queries have always been resolved very speedily.

To sum up, I would not hesitate to recommend BGS to any ATO.”

Alastair Stevenson, Booker Aviation


“The trust our company has shown over the years in BGS is a strong indicator of the high quality of BGS’s products and services – from computer-based and printed training materials through to interactive videos and sample exams. BGS’s support and guidance has been thorough and timely, whether for day-to-day inquiries or more significant issues.

We would highly recommend BGS to any future client. They have provided the resources and expertise to successfully meet our requests on every occasion.”

Christina Eleni Christa, Global Aviation SA, Greece


“We had the opportunity to run a few courses requiring training material from various providers. I am not exaggerating, saying that BGS has been the best by far!

To start with the material is of high standards and so far has been easy for our instructors to explain and for our students to understand. The application is user friendly, and until now we had no issues working with it.

Finally, I would say the most important aspect of BGS service, is the support we have received from your organization, and especially from you. All our requests and questions have been answered clearly, and promptly no matter if it was a bank holiday or out of office hours.

Your professional attitude has created a comfortable environment for us as we feel fully supported by BGS.”

Christos Tsitsos, Head of Training, Crew Academy


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