What are the Benefits of a Modular ATPL Course?

Modular ATPL course

Once you have decided you want to become a commercial pilot, your next question might be how to study the theory? Integrated or through a modular ATPL course?

The integrated route allows students to do all their training on a full-time basis with one organisation. This, however, comes with drawbacks including having to live in, or near, the training organisation and no time for other commitments like work. Integrated studying is also a considerably more expensive way to train than those who choose a modular ATPL route into commercial aviation.

If you already have your PPL licence, an alternative way to study the theory portion of an ATPL is via the modular route.


Cost of Studying for a Modular ATPL Course

Because our modular ATPL courses are payable by instalments, the upfront cost for the course is considerably lower than the integrated options. Additionally, our courses can be delivered 100% online so there are no travel or boarding costs involved with the course.



With a modular ATPL course, you’re able to have complete flexibility with the option to study at your own pace. Some students study around other commitments such as a full-time job or family arrangements which enables them to study around their current lifestyle.


Delay until you’re ready

If you need to, you can also delay your studies and pick them up where you left off, not forgetting the 18-month time limit once you have sat your first exam. This means you can take your time studying the module 1 subjects, sitting the first exams once you feel 100% ready to do so.


Structure your modular ATPL course around you

Modular ATPL courses can adapt to suit your personal training plan, for example, you can work on your theory in your spare time around a full-time job or other commitments.


Same high-quality teaching – even for distance learning

On our modular ATPL course, you’ll receive similar ground school hours as a full-time course if you wish, this will take you well over the 65-hour ground school requirement during your studies. If you choose to become a Bristol Groundschool student, you’ll be taught by our team of expert instructors, online or in-person via our revision weeks (please note that only revision weeks count towards your required classroom tuition hours).

Students also get 18 months of access to over 200 hours of pre-recorded, subject-based webinars and a 12-month subscription to BGSonline, Bristol Groundschool’s online ATPL question bank.


We’ll be there to support you all the way

Our caring and professional team will be on hand to support you throughout your modular ATPL course. We also have a private group for BGS students (who study with us directly), where you can share revision and exam tips, ask questions about any of the modules and get to know other people on your course. Our instructors are also members of this group so if you’re really struggling with a particular question or concept, ask your question on this page and they or other students will respond to you. Want to meet the BGS team? Click here to find out more about each of our staff members.


Ready to take your next step with a modular ATPL course?

With the option for online-only tuition, you can choose to fit your studies around existing commitments too – no matter where you are in the world. We turn today’s students into tomorrow’s pilots. And we can do the same for you.

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