What is a Frozen ATPL?

A frozen atpl is a pilot who has has passed all of their exams but has not yet flown the minimum hours of 1500

In order to become a commercial pilot, students must complete a qualification called an Airline Transport Pilot’s Licence (ATPL). This qualification consists of practical flying and theoretical study, either integrated at a flight school or modular, with exams to test each subject. After finishing the ATPL theory, the licence may be considered a frozen ATPL.

1500 hours of flight hours and a pass rate of 75% in each ATPL exam is required to gain an ATPL.

If a student has passed all of their theoretical exams but has not yet flown the minimum hours of 1500, then their licence is considered ‘frozen’ or inactive.


How to ‘un-freeze’ a frozen ATPL?

To be issued with an EASA or UK CAA ATPL, you will need 1500 hours flight time to include the following,

  • 500 hrs flown as a multi-pilot in transport or commuter aircraft
  • 250 hrs flown as a Pilot in Command (PIC) (or 100 PIC and 180 PIC under supervision)
  • 200 hrs flown on cross country flights (100 as Pilot in Command)
  • 75 hrs instrument flight time
  • 100 hrs night flight as pilot in command or as a co-pilot


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